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The Curiosity Continues

December 3, 2012

mars craterLet’s talk about two curiosities. First, I am not sure what I said, but my daily readership went up by a factor of 10 last Friday and has tripled daily since.  I am sure the Katy Perry video today did not hurt… I am new to blogging, twitter and such so I am feeling my way through this. I do not have an editor so please excuse any spelling errors, I usually go back and correct most I find. I have a few new countries that have visited, welcome Mauritius and Maldives! I have attached the updated list of countries here if you are interested. It is a shame that China, with the most people is near the bottom of the list, fortunately I am just focusing on scientific information and not social issues, I just try to keep my wife happy.

I realize that some scientists may scoff at my approach on this blog but it is what it is and I am who I am and this is what I got.  Since scientists are still working to identify where dark matter is in the universe I did not think they would welcome it with open arms in their backyard. I have sent copies of some of my information to the appropriate agencies. Like the 10,000 people visiting my blog, I do not hear too much back and that is OK.

mars dust devilDid you hear today that NASA announced they had found organic compounds on Mars?  I think that is a great find. If you look at that photo, my research tells me again, that many of those “craters” are actually sinkholes that are formed by orbital dark matter particles and the beta decay bubble around them. It also tells me that if you look in the center of those craters you have the greatest chance of finding additional transmuted elements created from the intense beta decay and low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) triggered at the surface of the particle orbiting through the center of the sinkholes. I realized this would happen when I saw that one companies LENR reactor transmuted at least 11 new elements.

You see the dark energy in this universe is the energetics of those collapsed dark matter particles, which are just balls of entropy. They tear up any matter around them and propel themselves forward headfirst into the most mass-energy dense material ahead and accelerate. The reason they cannot suck in everything around them is that their surface area is so small that they have indigestion. They create such an immense cloud of e=mc2 nuclear goo and gas around them as they are shredding matter that it creates a bubble, just like a comet’s coma. Good thing for that or life could not exist. They collapse water vapor and gasses in our atmosphere and hide in their bubble.

121203-coslog-curiosity-845a.photoblog600Did you hear that in order to understand dust devils on Mars NASA was driving their vehicles through dust devils on Earth and picking up positive and negatively charged particles?  They also picked up a magnetic field.  Do you know why? My research says that the particle orbiting up the center causes Beta decay in its surroundings and knocks off protons and electrons and thus the magnetic field.  Hope they took melatonin beforehand…

Well little Curiosity, you go exploring Mars but I recommend you stay away from those orbiting balls of entropy and the accretion disk they form, leave that up to the NASA scientists on Earth.

My theory and research are very easy concepts to grasp if you allow yourself to believe, which is entirely up to you and not me.


  1. /SleepingVillage/ permalink

    Certainly not the Katy what’s-her-face video:) I am one who stumbled over here on Friday and proceeded to read your whole blog. I like the way you think, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    I believe your readership increase may be due to the growing awareness of the Superorganism to your theory… and the evolution of such. If I’m correct, you should soon receive attention from minds far greater than my own.

  2. /SleepingVillage/ permalink

    I did. I was totally captivated with visualizing what you’re theorizing. Best to read your thoughts from the very first post, on. I found it rather interesting that your model was able to predict the trajectory of Sandy – a nice sort of confirmation that this path you’re on may be leading somewhere important.

    I hope you have many more confirmations, though I’m sure you may reach a few “cul-de-sacs” from time to time, I will be here learning along with you.

    I’m just an armchair “macro” kind of dude… along for the ride. If you don’t think BIG, you hardly think at all:)

    • K dude thanks. Appears to be lots of these particles orbiting above and below and they interact, maxing out my Intel processor…

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