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Footprints in the Dust

December 4, 2012

lunarcraterI am not sure how the study of dark matter took me to Katy Perry and moon craters, but let’s just go with it.  Let’s say a moon crater was the same thing as a sinkhole which is the same thing as a sunspot (the only difference is the beta decay and low energy nuclear reactions (LENRs) crust or fluid surface surrounding the larger black hole at the center of the sun/planet/moon…You follow all that?).  And let’s just say that based upon my theory, a dark matter particle were orbiting into that spot and wearing out a nice round hole over weeks & months due to beta decay and LENRs.  And let’s just say that where the particle popped back out in its orbit through and around the moon it created a beta decay trough and disturbance on the surface, the depth depending upon its momentum and proceeded to meander its way in a decaying orbit across the surface of the moon back “home” to the point the particle entered the moon’s surface and remained gravitationally locked.  Don’t you suppose he might leave footprints in the dust of his trek across the landscape?  Take a look at the photo courtesy of NASA.  I doubt those are mole tracks.  The second picture I believe shows the “swath” of the particle’s disturbance as it approached the sinkhole.  Too much imagination, I can’t really say.  Since the moon’s atmosphere is essentially vacuum, you will not see a dust devil or tornado whipped around like on Mars, but the sinkhole and swath should be similar, although wind on Mars may cover up much of the ground disturbance.

Plato_MoonOne last point, if he were a charged-up energetic dark matter particle he might trigger Lichtenberg tracks around his “crater” as he dissipates some of his charge.  Which, if you were left in the dark, might appear wrongly as impact debris.

Just as a hurricane or tornado particle on Earth can find its way home to a point of gravitational lock on the Earth, so does our moon particle. Moon particle, moon particle. (Is that a song?)

Enough said.


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  1. /SleepingVillage/ permalink

    Speaking of footprints… Have you, or anyone else out there, made any connections to your theory written in ancient texts, etc? It’s quite apparent there was some kind of advanced civilization on this planet in the distant past – and they wrote these things down for a reason…

    The sun looks rather interesting today as well…

    link to the sun test

    Sorry in advance if that didn’t work – I’m not familiar with the ways of WordPress.

    • I have had no chance to review ancient documents, I have a hard time keeping up with the new. It was not until I realized some similarities a month or so ago in what was being shown in the crop circles did I realize whoever is making those also is giving us forewarning of solar flares and particles impacts, which fit my model. They are warning of the sunspots, the orbital particles and the locations of the events, which is fairly shocking to me. We adult humans can be a pretty stubborn and somewhat arrogant bunch. We lose that openness about the world we had as kids. I would guess this intelligence has been around for a long time.

      Now that I believe I realize what is orbiting the sun and delivered by comets I am worried about our Sun and Earth in 2013. My research, if it is correct tells me no spot on Earth is safe from the beta decay of orbital dark matter particles. If they happen to orbit down onto a fission reactor nobody might know it until too late and a system is breached or fails. Most people don’t know but there was a minor seismic anomaly before Chernobyl. As you can see with many sinkholes, the gradual beta decay may not trigger any noticeable seismic activity if the Earth is stable in that area. There were also atmospheric anomalies before Fukushima. I am concerned for our children that if the sudden power loss triggered from a severe solar storm EMF does not get us that a large seismic event following from orbital dark matter might.

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