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December 7, 2012

Multiple Particle Entries

Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles

Dark Matter has an advantage that the military knows well.  As it approaches a target, which in this case is Earth, it breaks into multiple “warheads”   It does this because each of those nuclei become more energetic and grow an ion tail as they enter Earth’s mass-energy dense atmosphere.

The clumped particles themselves are coming in very ‘HOT”, travelling tens to hundreds of miles per second with a temperature as high as a million degrees Kelvin. They collapse atmospheric gasses around them and to the observer might look like a streaking bubble, balloon or javelin, many times with an ion tail, just like a comet, since they are cut from the same dark matter mold.

They will change color in the atmosphere depending upon the surrounding air temperature and pressure created from the collapsing gasses around them.  Below is a list:

≥ 33,000 K blue blue
10,000–33,000 K blue to blue white blue white
7,500–10,000 K white white to blue white
6,000–7,500 K yellowish white white
5,200–6,000 K yellow yellowish white
3,700–5,200 K orange yellow orange
≤ 3,700 K red orange red

Multiple particles striking, say Ohio might be seen over Massachusetts as their orbital approach brought them low over populations.  Their color will change as they move to more or less mass energy dense areas of the atmosphere and as their velocity INCREASES.  You might even hear a hum as their sub relativistic speeds set off harmonics in the atmosphere.

12-7-12 Ohio Weather

Most Massive Particle Orbit Rules

Once they enter the Earth, you will not hear a large explosion like you would expect from a massive asteroid. If it is a massive particle or particles you will see fairly quickly a sinkhole or sinkholes open up in the spot(s) where they entered as they begin tens of thousands of orbits.  You would also expect that a clump of particles in a decaying orbit into the area would create ongoing low pressure disturbances in the atmosphere as the particles all orbit their way home of the next weeks and months.  The smaller particles will orbit home first, possibly because their string interactions with neighboring particles lead them to be annihilated first so their orbit decays faster.  It will all culminate with the most massive particle orbiting home last, which will be the most massive of the bunch and create the largest low pressure disturbance.  This is why bad weather tends to hang around an area for awhile.  As we saw with Hurricane Sandy, the most massive particles will interact gravitationally with the others and their orbits will interact.


Ohio Crop Circle

If you had a spacecraft monitoring the incoming particles they might appear like a group of clumped bubbles, depending upon the magnitude of the coronal mass ejection they might be clumped in as many as 20 or 30 particles or more, I do not know.  Since they will be “floating” in space they will gravitationally align around the most massive particle, in different geometric patterns according to their mass, spin and charge.  If we were able to detect these, we could actually count how many atmospheric and Earthly disturbances would be created. a month or two ahead of time, depending upon their velocity and the time it takes to cover those 93 million miles of space between the sun and Earth.  If you were a particle physicist and you realized this, you might take to the fields of Ohio beforehand and create a crop circle showing everyone how many inbound particles there were with a prediction of where they would strike.  It seems like alot of work, but it appears that particle physicists have a lot of time on their hands these days now that Michio Kaku taught them all they need is a microwave wand and a long extension cord.

I think I want to create another new acronym since I am inventing this science as I go. MIEPs: Multiple Independent Energetic Particles.  They deliver their payload of weather and earthquake pills along their orbital path of uncertainty.


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