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Baby Pictures

December 8, 2012

Baby PicturesMost of us have them of either ourselves or our children.  Life passes by so quickly that you are amazed at how quickly things change, even though we don’t perceive it happening.  Sort of like dark matter particles racing by at relativistic speeds and shaping our world even though most of the time we only see the effects, not the culprit. Anyway, I thought I would post some baby pictures I had of planet Earth.  That beautiful blue ball we call home.  While she can provide unbelievable abundance and variety, she can also add to the uncertainty in our world, because that is what we are riding on.  She is just a magnified version of the uncertainty principal at her core.

You can click here to see a new animation of a black hole accreting matter and how the magnetic fields can shape that matter. The beta decay and low energy nuclear reactions at her surface can create transmutions of all of the elements and mutations of biological matter.  That, along with all of the orbital dark matter around her nucleus at any given time can realign her magnetic field and create and shape her auroras.

Just my new world view that works for me that I thought I would share.


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  1. bill permalink

    I love this site… go here right after weather report 🙂

    • Bill,

      Thanks! I tell you what, there are a whole lot of these particles orbiting at the same time and they do not follow a nice elliptical path. It is a squirrely lasso due to their “energetics” and gravitational attraction with other orbiting particles and matter they fling around. Just my strange view of it all…Glad you are along for the ride.

      • bill permalink

        IMHO you have put a lot of the puzzle pieces together. A lot of what you write really rings true. Especially about the cause of gravity.

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