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Going Long

December 9, 2012

12-9-12 Dover Ohio ParticleI know you did not come here for a regular weather forecast so I thought I would make it interesting. It is still in the first quarter of a four quarter game, but I think I can read the defense so I am going to go long. I will make a prediction for the destination of that low pressure system that is currently creating a blizzard over Europe. If I have been following it correctly, I believe it is the same low pressure disturbance which may have created the tornado in Italy last week which popped out about the same time as the humongous sinkhole was created in Dover, OH.

My prediction is that over the next two months it will work its way across the Atlantic to Dover, Ohio, the location of that massive 1000′ sinkhole that was proceeded by meteor and UFO sightings in New England.  12-9-12 Dover Ohio Particle USI believe there is a massive particle orbiting up from the eye of that blizzard and looping South and across the Northern tip of South America, Over Mexico and up through Texas and making a bee line for Ohio.  For the past week there has been a distinctive low pressure line heading up from the South towards Ohio.  When there is no moisture over the land to condense it disappears, but as soon as more moisture rolls through it reappears.

As you can see from the weather map, that area over Ohio appears to be very active right now and I believe I know why.  12-9-12 Dover Ohio Particle EuropeI believe that “meteor” last week contained multiple massive dark matter particles (I call them weather pills) which are all taking up different orbits right now and will be tracking their way back towards Dover, Ohio.  They should have a very white winter in the area with lots of storms.  A couple of those over the Atlantic may also be headed that way. When the final blizzard strikes it may be similar to hurricane Sandy where the storms delivers wind damage and power outages with lots of particles orbiting.  Sound strange? Absolutely.

This game is going to play out over the next couple of months so I will not update each day, probably once or twice a week.  I am automating a model and fitting an poly elliptical energetic lasso orbit (PEELO – I made that up).  That is a very energetic particle if it made a 1000′ sinkhole in the Earth so I would fly around it…It may be a little early to make a prediction and as my 8 year old says it might be an “epic failure” but hey, its my blog and nothing ventured nothing gained.


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  1. FYI, Monterrey, MX is in the path of my particle. Expect extreme turbulence and electromagnetic upsets along the path. I have no idea if there is a connection.

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