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Does the Moon have an Innie and an Outie?

December 10, 2012

Moon1So everyone remembers my blog a couple of months ago on the moon, right? Wrong? OK here is a link.  So I have taken a look at the moon and did you know she happens to have what I consider two belly buttons?  I have two boys so I watched as the doctors cut their umbilical cords and one has an innie and one has an outie so I can tell them apart in the dark… The Moon’s two large “Impact” basins appear to be as old as the moon. I believe I know why.

I have attached a link to a recent research paper here studying impact basins.

“Although surface and orbital magnetic field measurements
demonstrate a pervasive magnetization of lunar crustal materials,
the origin of the observed magnetization—especially that
of the magnetizing field(s)—remains unresolved. In support of
a possible former core dynamo magnetizing field.”

If you read my previous article you know that I thought there were two possible scenarios for the moon’s development, since it is made from Earth stuff. Well, I am going to pick door number two.  My scenario two was that a rather massive black hole locked into a two body elliptical orbit with the Earth and although it would be amazing for all to see, it would not be pretty short term for us Earthlings.

Moon2A Torricane, (Another new word I made up) which probably raged for years on Earth and would be a cross between a tornado and a hurricane (like that big red spot on Jupiter…hint), gradually lifting all of the Earthen matter into orbit around the Earth. Those North and South basins on the moon would be the orbital path of the dark matter/black hole.  The moon would be formed from the accretion disk from the ORBITAL dark matter.

Now to the magnetic fields.

From Wilkepedia:

“The major characteristic of the Moon’s gravitational field is the presence of mascons, which are large positive gravity anomalies associated with some of the giant impact basins. These anomalies greatly influence the orbit of spacecraft about the Moon, and an accurate gravitational model is necessary in the planning of both manned and unmanned missions. They were initially discovered by the analysis of Lunar Orbiter tracking data,[2] since navigation tests prior to the Apollo program experienced positioning errors much larger than mission specifications.”

” …it has been noted that the largest crustal magnetizations appear to be located near the antipodes of the giant impact basins

Those magnetic fields are telling us something. 1) The moon generates its own fields and has it own little ball of entropy at her core which would help agglomerate all of that matter and/or 2) There is still dark matter orbiting between the Earth and Moon through those antipodal belly buttons and possibly a few others… This would also explain why the moon always shows us the same face and hides her darkside.  She is locked in the clutches of orbiting dark matter that is passing through her antipodal belly buttons and back to Earth, possibly through the Earth’s magnetic poles. Just like the particles orbiting through the Earth and creating the weather gravitationally lock, so do the particles orbiting through the moon with the Earth. These magnetic and gravitational fields created by the orbital dark matter will attract the orbit of other particles, that is why there is a concentration of sinkholes at these poles.

I believe NASA needs to rethink the use of “craters” and “impact basins” and come up with a new word (sinkhole is too crass) maybe “Gravipodes”. We also need to redefine gravity.  It is directly related to these orbital balls of entropy, the collapse of matter and nuclear forces.


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