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Draco Sucks » 12-20-12 Draco

December 20, 2012

  1. HOGWASH!!!! this is a totally fake wind map. There is no way wind can all go into one spotlike this….it has to go somewhere…not all to a single spot. What was this at? It cant be the surface, as surface friction would never allow this……in order to have any validity a 3 dimensional look at all levels of the atmosphere would be necessary….one flat picture says nothing really.

    • The energy is going into an entropic micro black hole that is orbiting up through that spot from the Earth. Ordinary Enthalpy/Energy is being converted to entropy at the surface of that energetic particle and collapsed. Take a look at the hurricane historical maps they have on the site. Fits my model perfectly.

    • The link to the real time map is here, I put it in my article

      It is an award winning site and linked to the national weather database. Very cool site.

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