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Draco Sucks

December 20, 2012

12-20-12 DracoTake a look at the Wind Map and you will see what Draco particle, an orbital black hole ball of Entropy does to its surroundings. It is condensing all of the gasses in the atmosphere around it and creating extreme low pressure. I believe Draco particle may be one of the many particles that orbited into the Dover, Ohio area at the end of November. I believe Draco is orbiting up and out of the Earth at the center of that low pressure system moving East.

12-17-12 Dover Ohio Particle 2I went back to my previous post and I think I can see Draco coming in from the North along with his orbital contrail.  I need to look to verify this so this is 50/50 and I have added him to the screen dump from 12-17-12. Bottom line is if you read my original post and subsequent one,  I believe the Dover, Ohio area was hit by a fairly massive clump of orbital, entropic, black hole, dark matter particles at the end of November, creating the large sinkhole in the Earth, most likely expelled from the sun during one of her entropic sneezes. They are all orbiting into that Dover, OH sinkhole and back out at the center of those low pressure systems approaching.

12-20-12 Dover Ohio ParticleI have updated my space age Google Uncertainty Radar to show what I think are some of the many particles orbiting home to Dover, Ohio. Strange thing is, once they condense all of the moisture around them, they disappear from the weather radar. But watch out, those are very energetic particles according to my model and can create extreme clear air turbulence in their path which is a danger to aircraft. I also worry about what these energetic particles, although they are “weakly interacting” can due to any biological matter or material directly in their path at the center of that “black hole” which is only fractions of a millimeter in size.  Specifically, is it energetic enough to cause a natural gas line to spring a leak, etc. NASA tells me dark matter particles, if they are passing through Earth are harmless.  OK NASA whatever you say…

Weird science? You bet, it makes my skin crawl a bit.


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