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Dawning of a New Day & Not Doomsday

December 21, 2012


The Mayans were very smart. They knew that mankind should realize something very astonishing on 12-21-12.

My blog has been read by over 100 Countries in the past three months with over 16,000 views. I will summarize my thoughts and findings below.

95% of the universe is thought to be comprised of Dark/Vacuum Energy which I believe is what we know as Entropy. I believe the nuclei of most planets and suns will be found to be dark matter entropic black holes. They do not and cannot collapse all matter around them due to their limited surface area and positive pressure created from E=mc2 at their surface and the bubble they create around them. Comet nuclei are clumped orbital dark matter/micro black holes orbiting suns and sometimes planets from outside our solar system, their coma is their bubble and they shoot a tail millions of miles long when shredding matter at their surface. Orbital dark matter entropic particles are expelled from the sun during solar flares/coronal mass ejections and they pass through and orbit around the Earth creating our clouds and weather as they remove heat and convert ordinary enthalpy to entropy. These particles also create sinkholes and seismic activity in the ordinary matter of Earth as they orbit through and trigger the large Earthquakes and other instabilities. Earth’s auroras are also her own cosmic rays emitted from her black hole nucleus. Earth’s magnetic field is made up of orbital charged ordinary particles as well as entropic orbital dark matter particles, which help protect us from incoming radiation.  After studying cold fusion and low energy nuclear reactions (LENRs), I believe that the collapse of atomic hydrogen can create these entropic dark matter particles.  The world may come to realize that the neutrons at the center of many/most atoms are actually comprised of this dark matter orbited by ordinary protons and electrons in shells.  We are all, down to our most basic protons and electrons, just the baryonic crust surrounding entropic dark matter.

CropCircleChakrasHurricane Sandy was created by massive, energetic entropic particles in a multi-body orbit  travelling as fast as 1000 miles/sec and weighing as much as 1x10e12 kg. orbiting above and below the Earth for approx 2 1/2 months. The hurricane was her accretion disk. She converted the enthalpy in the atmosphere to entropy and condensed the water vapor, cooling the Earth and her surroundings.  The seismic/sinkhole activity near lake Erie in Albion New York was where she orbited into the Earth. This entropic force, along with the beta decay in the Earth helps support M Theory. Gravity, along with electricity and magnetism are nothing more than the result of entropic flux carriers that are flowing through and orbiting ordinary (baryonic) matter. Many rainbows and thunderstorms are less massive particles orbiting more massive particles below the Earth’s ordinary matter surface.

Mankind also realized that this is what the crop circles have been telling them for the past decades in a spirit of love for mankind.  Mankind also realized that once they learn to harness the properties of this natural entropic force fully, which is also the answer to my riddle, their energy problems will be solved. I do not have enough breaths in my life to argue with all of the geologists, meteorologists and physicists to convince everyone of this.  They can decide for themselves.

I believe I was put here to share this with you on this day at this time.

I do not know why.


Copyright 2012 Stewart D. Simonson All Rights Reserved

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  1. Dr. Cynthia Speir permalink

    I know why you were compelled to share. You have been given the gift of knowledge AND the ability to understand it. Your sharing this information is benefitting not only humanity, but all of the inhabitants of the Universe, tangible and intangible (including dark matter – which is an energetic entity just like everything else), in very advanced, however subtle they may be, ways. Thank you for continuing to seek answers and sharing your findings as well as your inquiries with the rest of us.
    I am a fellow seeker and am very grateful that I was introduced to you on today (12/21/12) via the comment you posted. I personally don’t believe in coincidences. (On the other hand, I don’t believe in preordained paths either. I do believe in the methodical and deliberate way the Universe has been formed and continues to evolve, and that human thoughts are co-creators in this evolutionary process.) It is not a coincidence that I read your comment today, as I have been looking for more advanced explanations of the creation/evolution process and will be studying your many other articles on your website in this regard. My Ph.D. disssertation concentrated on the difference between Quantum Physics and Metaphysics, more specifically where one leaves off and the other begins. The theory that there is no difference is not new by any means, but the deeper we delve and the more information coming from qualified sources such as yourself, can only help steer humanity out of the dark ages and onto a higher level of enlightenment for the benefit of all.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to learning from your sharing.

  2. /SleepingVillage/ permalink

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on harnessing the natural entropic force, if you choose to share them at some point in the future. Cheap oil(in dollars) allowed a lot of really fantastic stuff to happen for us, and enabled us to make great leaps in many fields. We think those days are gone already, though there may or may not be plenty of oil – that’s beside the point. With the world debt levels where they are and economies ready to fall apart any day now, we really could use free energy, and soon. It will change the world in some pretty interesting ways, and maybe bring a little balance back into the equation. I can’t help but imagine the amazing things we could do if the most basic and fundamental base(energy) was made available far and wide to all.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us, my friend:)

  3. mtpokit permalink

    To think outside the “box” has historically been risky at best. To have the courage to do so, is self explanatory. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them. Following your OWN heart and path is the greatest achievement of enlightenment. Namaste.

    • Thanks. I do not make my living off doing research so I am also not influenced by those that fund it and I am presenting my own conclusions. At age 48 in my life, while I embrace other’s opinions I like to reach my own and share with others. Mankind appears to be bouncing against the walls of our box a bit. I am attempting to pop the lid off.

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