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The Ring is the Thing

December 23, 2012

From Wilkepedia:

250px-ASTER_RichatInitially interpreted as an asteroid impact structure because of its high degree of circularity, it is now argued to be a highly symmetrical and deeply eroded geologic dome. Despite extensive field and laboratory studies, geologists have found a lack of any credible evidence for shock metamorphism or any type of deformation indicative of a hypervelocity extraterrestrial impact.[5] Coesite, an indicator of shock metamorphism, had been reported as being present in rocks samples collected from the Richat structure. As the result of the further analysis of rock samples from this structure, it was concluded that barite had been misidentified as coesite.[6] In addition, the Richat structure lacks the annular depression that characterizes large extraterrestrial impact structures of this size. Also, it is quite different from large extraterrestrial impact structures in that the sedimentary strata comprising this structure is remarkably intact and “orderly” and lacking in overturned, steeply dipping strata or disoriented blocks.[1][2]

concentric ballsA more recent multianalytical study on the Richat megabreccias concluded that carbonates within the silica-rich megabreccias were created by low-temperature hydrothermal waters, and that the structure requires special protection and further investigation of its origin.[7]

One man’s crater is another man’s sinkhole is another man’s sunspot is another man’s ice circle is another man’s snow circle is another man’s beach circle is another man’s crop circle is another man’s geologic dome is…ENTROPICAL GRAVITATIONAL ENERGETICAL(?) IONIZABLE BETA DECAYABLE  COLLAPSABLE ORBITAL DARK MATTER PARTICLE FINGERPRINTS. (EGEIBDCODMPF – My worst acronym yet…)


Our particle buddies are showing us what the orbiting particles look like in a plan view and elevation view (top and side).  I am an engineer and look at drawings all of the time.  Sounds like they have a good job with a lot of time on their hands thanks to Michio Kaku’s instructional YouTube videos on creating crop circles with gutted microwave wands.  How can I get me one of those jobs? 🙂


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