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Call it my Mid-Life Crisis

December 24, 2012

12-24-12 Particle TracksSomewhere along the line I got this strange theory into my head and I can’t seem to shake it loose.  I imagined that many clouds were orbiting particle tracks.  And not just any old kind of particle tracks, these would be particle tracks of orbiting energetic, entropic micro black holes and that has really “stranged” my world.  As I see these balls as just magnified “uncertainty” I am left with this very odd feeling.  As much as I would like my theory to be correct, I also wish it to be wrong.  Whenever I see one more thing that appears to fit I am left with this bittersweet feeling.

I realize it will be very hard for mainstream science to accept my theory because it implies a few things.  First off, it implies the castle will crumble.  I guess we knew that anyway but maybe not in quite the way I am theorizing.  Secondly, no place on Earth is protected from the direct effects of orbital dark matter particles, above or below ground.  What scares me the most are fission power plants in a direct orbital path for one of these energetic particles, most likely sent our way routinely from the sun or once in awhile from a comet.

Lastly, somehow I believe I have started to understand what some of these crop circles are showing us and I am not sure how many mainstream scientists would ever accept that fact.  And let’s face it, is any geologist ever going to believe that a major Earthquake is caused from an orbiting micro black hole that weakens the Earth where it orbits for a few months?

Anyway, I put an updated Google Earth snapshot of some potential energetic particle tracks that I believe may be heading towards the Ohio area, where it appears at least one or two have already passed through.  I have it in my mind that the tracks will show as clouds whenever/wherever there is moisture to condense.  Over land, the large particles are so energetic I believe they may condense all of the moisture and create an inversion and clear skies until more moisture gets sucked into the area from another particle.  It also appears that they gravitationally attract each other and can create this spiraling vortex of clouds in an area, sort of like those magnetic flux tubes on the sun as they head along the same path.

What keeps me researching this is nothing but curiosity and the chance to use some imagination and try to solve a puzzle.  As I have said before this is either some second-rate science fiction story or a shocking realization that the weak anthropic principle and vacuum energy density changes depending upon where you are located on Earth at any given moment.

I will let others decide if I am right and I will keep doing what I am doing.  I hope Santa has upgraded his NORAD Radar to track these particles and stay out of the path tonight.


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