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We Interrupt this Broadcast for a Special Weather Statement

December 25, 2012

12-25-2012 Dover OhioSo it looks like Santa made it safely to our home last night, dodging all of those energetic entropic particles. It appears he made it in just BEFORE the particles that APPEAR TO BE ORBITING OVERHEAD OUR WAY NOW. There is a tornado watch tonight at my house and blizzard warning up through Ohio over the next couple of days.  It appears those particles orbiting overhead at hundereds of miles per second will be triggering straight line winds of up to 80 miles per hour and triggering tornadoes.

I have gone ahead and updated my Google Earth Uncertainty Radar with some proposed updated particle tracks.  I am changing each disturbance to its own color so it makes them easier to track to see which way they go and I show the last couple of days for each particle.  As always their is much UNCERTAINTY in what I am telling you…

I have also added one more track and adjusted one from yesterday, because I think I can see another particle and a clearer track.  BUT YOU GET THE IDEA. Please realize I am eyeballing fitting these particle tracks to the clouds/contrails that I see.  I am going to assume that particles with different momentums are interacting gravitationally and magnetically and are also energetic in that they can accelerate or slow down as they interact with differing densities of water vapor, gasses and charged particles in the atmosphere.  I beleive the largest particles are the most energetic which makes their path the most UNCERTAIN.  If you remember, about three weeks ago I thought that particle strike in Ohio included MANY particles and I think they are all slowly orbiting their way home towards Ohio, with their paths interacting.

Wind Map is showing an extreme low pressure system that popped up along my particle stream path. If you understand my theory, that might be an existing particle that orbited up out of the ground and is interacting gravitationally with the others since we are talking about possibly TRILLIONS of lbs (or kgs…) of entropic energetic particles orbiting overhead.  I believe they can also spawn multiple tornadoes along their straight line paths that, although they do not have a particle in the center, are extremely dangerous.

I decided to post this message tonight in case those particles orbit over Atlanta in the morning and we lose power.  My brain can visualize all this with the help of Google Earth, Doppler, GOES satellite, YouTube Videos and crop circles to piece it all together…

Uncertainty Certainly…


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  1. mtpokit permalink

    While others try to predict patterns and certainty, (as is human nature), you try to predict chaos and uncertainty. Like trying to herd cats, or maybe, hens into a chicken coop. One thing is predictable, what attracts them is feed. Knowing what that basic response is, is the first step to harnessing a yet unknown cosmological constant. Namaste.

    • Good way to say it. Unfortunately it appears to be feeding on us (ordinary matter)…

      Weak Interactions = Killing us Softly…

      Weak Interaction/particle x 1,000,000,000,000 kg particle x 1000 miles/sec x 120,000,000,000 Degrees K = condensing sledgehammer (I will have to check my units…)

      If I lived in Ohio I might go visit cousin May in California for the next month or two…

  2. I’ve always wondered what the odds are of people who travel more coming into contact with more particles that cause health more problems. Like if you hardly ever travel vs being in traffic up to 4 hours daily.

    • Maddie,

      I think they spend a lot of time orbiting in the air. But where they orbit into Earth is a problem depending upon energetics. Best to hope you are just rewarded with a rainbow and lite shower…

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