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Meteorite or MeteorWRONG?

December 26, 2012

shooting star 2Did anyone ever notice how many meteorites and UFOs everyone sees in the skies all of the time?  Did anyone ever notice how those meteorites or UFOs hardly ever appear to crash INTO THE EARTH?  How they all seem to just burn out in our atmosphere?  If we are struck with hundreds or thousands of “shooting stars” and meteorites all of the time, don’t you think a few might make it through and we would have things blowing up more often with a few more impact craters around?

Well, I have news for you.  I do not believe many of those meteorites are lumps ordinary matter.  I believe they are “weather and earthquake pills” arriving to our planet at hundreds of miles per second in the form of entropic, energetic micro black holes. If they do have a beta decay crust built up around them in the cold of space, it will quickly burn off as their nuclear surface comes alive as it enters our mass dense atmosphere and they begin to ACCELERATE in their new surroundings as they now have fuel for their nuclear fire and grow an ion propulsion tail.  Once they collapse water vapor and gasses around them in our atmosphere, they cool their surroundings and can hide in a semi-thermodynamic bubble.

shooting starAs they are only 1500 fermi or less in radius, they make no crater in the Earth as they enter.  Depending upon their mass, they will have this ionized bubble around them that can decay any ordinary matter overtime in its surroundings if they happen to take up orbit. Unfortunately, according to my research and theory, that includes all biological matter including ME and YOU.  I believe that although our bodies are well designed to handle a normal amount of this decay from neutrinos and such, a concentrated dose of this ionized cloud can be lethal, leading to all sorts of illness.

You see, that is why I believe it is such a love hate relationship with this particle.  On one hand I believe it has led to all of the transmutations of ordinary matter and biological mutations that give us the abundance we see around us.  On the other hand it can also take it away in a heartbeat.


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