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Billions of Tons of Condensing Capacity?

December 26, 2012

Well,  I obviously dodged uncertainty last night, I can still hear it overhead though… Just a weather update, I turned on just today’s trajectories and turned off the last couple of days.  Doppler seems to do a good job of detecting particle tracks…  That is a whole lot of condensing going on…I project a long cold winter for Ohio.  Since I used to be a farmer as a kid, consider it my farmer’s almanac forecast….

12-26-12 DH12-26-12 DH112-26-12 DH212-26-12 DH312-26-12 WindMap

  1. Sue Kaufman permalink

    I tried to find a link but no…last week, before the ‘Euclid’ storm, there was a weather radar going around the internet that showed 4 line streaks moving nne to ssw, east of the Mississippi. I thought of your theory immediately as they could easily have been in line with the Dover OH incident. Sure enough, a few days later during the severe outbreak of Euclid, there were 4 lines of thunderstorms, looking like they matched the same 4 trajectories of the streaks caught on radar.
    I continue to think that you are on to something with your theory.

    • Sue,

      Thanks. I do too. I think the significant storms systems and clouds are created by these energetic, entropic particles. They are orbiting so fast that all you see are the cloud contrails. This is not to say that many other clouds are not just water vapor evaporating during the day. I am talking about the major storm systems that do the most damage.

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