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Earth and its DynaMoJo » black hole magnetar

December 29, 2012

  1. Sol may be a magnetar. It regular winding down is the sun spot cycle of 22/11 years. The extinctions? Perhaps a glitch? Is Earth capable of extincting life herself? Well, some authors think so: The Living Cosmos. But there would have to be energy input, say neutrinos heating the core or a core reactor possibly.
    Is life extincted via gamma from a light year away source? No.

    • I believe Earth also has a dark matter core, like the sun but much less massive, which creates our magnetic fields. I believe these entropic balls are coalescing and actually cooling her core as she adds slight mass. Large influxes of this entropic orbital dark energy will trigger excessive radon and other ionizing radiation and global cooling/ ice ages according to my model. All of this generally bad for biological life in high concentrations.

      Thank you for your comments

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