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Earth and its DynaMoJo

December 29, 2012

dynamoDid you know that the “Magnet Theory” of the Earth’s core originated in 1600, before Newton was born?  This was later revised to a spinning magnet or “Dynamo Theory” in 1900. Don’t you think in the age of the IPhone that theory seems a little outdated?  I put it right up there with a comet being a dirty snowball that emits X-rays, which is absolutely and unequivocally ABSURD. How is it that we can get away without upgrading theories every few centuries when Apple comes out with a new IPhone upgrade every year? According to my research, dark matter can, does and will kill us all eventually so we need to embrace it in all of its awe inspiring power.

From Wilkepedia:

“When William Gilbert published de Magnete in 1600, he concluded that the Earth is magnetic and proposed the first hypothesis for the origin of this magnetism: permanent magnetism such as that found in lodestone. In 1919, Joseph Larmor proposed that a dynamo might be generating the field.[1][2] However, even after he advanced his hypothesis, some prominent scientists advanced alternate explanations. Einstein believed that there might be an asymmetry between the charges of the electron and proton so that the Earth’s magnetic field would be produced by the entire Earth. The Nobel Prize winner Patrick Blackett did a series of experiments looking for a fundamental relation between angular momentum and magnetic moment, but found none.[3][4]

Earth Magnetic Field 2Walter M. Elsasser, considered a “father” of the presently accepted dynamo theory as an explanation of the Earth’s magnetism, proposed that this magnetic field resulted from electric currents induced in the fluid outer core of the Earth. He revealed the history of the Earth’s magnetic field through pioneering the study of the magnetic orientation of minerals in rocks.”

In order to maintain the magnetic field against ohmic decay (which would occur for the dipole field in 20,000 years), the outer core must be convecting. The convection is likely some combination of thermal and compositional convection. The mantle controls the rate at which heat is extracted from the core. Heat sources include gravitational energy released by the compression of the core, gravitational energy released by the rejection of light elements (probably sulfuroxygen, or silicon) at the inner core boundary as it grows, latent heat of crystallization at the inner core boundary, and radioactivity of potassiumuranium and thorium.[5]

At the dawn of the 21st century, numerical modeling of the Earth’s magnetic field has not been successfully demonstrated, but appears to be in reach. Initial models are focused on field generation by convection in the planet’s fluid outer core. It was possible to show the generation of a strong, Earth-like field when the model assumed a uniform core-surface temperature and exceptionally high viscosities for the core fluid. Computations which incorporated more realistic parameter values yielded magnetic fields that were less Earth-like, but also point the way to model refinements which may ultimately lead to an accurate analytic model. Slight variations in the core-surface temperature, in the range of a few millikelvins, result in significant increases in convective flow and produce more realistic magnetic fields.[6][7]

black hole magnetarBefore his death, Einstein was on the hunt for the missing mass of the universe and had to leave a placeholder as a cosmological constant.  He would have figured it out I believe, had not entropic dark matter flux and aging taken him as it will all of us unless we move to a “flux free” zone of the universe, if there is such a thing.  What seems obvious to me now is that in order to recognize entropic dark matter’s existence we need to change some scientific beliefs we have been taught in quite a few sciences.

The ONLY theory that makes sense to me is that a primordial entropic black hole makes up a significant amount of Earth’s mass and exists at her core.  Due to the angular momentum and the charge created at its surface, she creates magnetic and entropic fields of charged particles which orbit and protect us, known as the Van Allen Belt.  Earth has a magnetic tail and we routinely whack the Moon with it, charging up her surface.  Much of our atmospheric gasses have been created from the Beta Decay and LENR at our black hole core’s surface interaction with ordinary matter.

It appears to me that there is a much better chance that Earth’s entropic black hole will either evaporate or be annihilated from other orbital dark matter impacts long before the sun runs out.  We should get a good handle on the age and mass of our core else we may end up like Mars, who it appears has lost its core along with its atmosphere.

674px-MarsTopoMap-PIA02031_modestThe other thing I notice about Mars is that it has an innie and an outie just like the Moon.  This is known as Mar’s Hemispherical Dichotomy.  It appears to me that either 1) Mars never had a core and was created similar to our moon or Io and the orbital dark matter plasma flux tube that connects it to Jupiter or 2) A few billion years ago Mars met a dark orbital friend that orbited through it and annihilated its core, taking away its magnetic field and atmosphere with it.

In continuing with scenario number 1)  It is known that methane gas plumes have been detected previously in Mars’ atmosphere.  It is also known that during parts of the year Mars has winds over 250 kph.  From my knowledge of beta decay and LENR, I know that dark matter can knock apart atoms in its path, forming hydrogen from the protons and electrons as well as ionizing Carbon.  This could easily lead to Carbon ions and Hydrogen ions (proton + electron) getting together to form CH4.  And if dark matter is orbiting through Mars, it could create the plumes and high winds observed.

Best we understand clearly the 95% uncertainty we face in this universe which may provide the answer to why matter-based life is more precious and unique than we may believe in the universe.


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