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Weather Particle String Thing Update

December 29, 2012

12-29-12 DHJust a quick post from this morning’s Google Earth Uncertainty Radar.  As usual, scientific and creative license applied in tracing these particle tracks which appear to slide around due to gravitational/entropic interactions with water and each other.  Just the way I see it.  I predict these particle strings will stick around creating weather disturbances until the low pressure system located where they pop out of the Earth slowly makes its way to the Ohio area where I believe they are entering the Earth, which might be one or two more months of UNCERTAIN weather.  We already have more snow in the Midwest and Eastern United States then we have had all of last year with at least two blizzards so far.  Every Ski Slope in America needs to get its own entropic particle to keep around during ski season, they would not need snow making equipment…


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