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Cosmic Seafood Gumbo

January 4, 2013

glowing red tideA light bulb went on in my head awhile back as I put the pieces together on my theory and the nature of this particle. I have already mentioned that I have read that some of the LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) tests have yielded transmutations of matter up and down the periodic table. That in itself seems pretty amazing to me, something along the lines of alchemy. I also understand from published theories that dark matter should trigger beta decays and release ionizing radiation to its surroundings.  Since the atom, protons and electrons are the basic fundamental building block for all matter and life, we should have immense respect for anything that can split or shred an atom, basically converting some of it to entropy and leaving the rest to combine in a multitude of different permutations and combinations, some entirely new. With the combination of this dark matter particle and ordinary matter, you have all of the building blocks for life.  Stephen Hawking mentioned this in his last book regarding black holes and particles/antiparticles.

algal bloomWhat I have tried to do is scale the mass/energy level of this particle down to solar system and planetary size energies to show how it interacts with our lives. I am not trying to create any new science or wizardry, I am trying to show how our ordinary/baryonic matter-based answers for many phenomenon in this solar system and on our planet are limiting our thinking as well as our lives. The grand irony of it all the way I see it is this particle both creates life and takes it away. We should not necessary love or hate it, WE SHOULD RESPECT IT.

One thing my theory predicts is that if a particle or particles are orbiting up and through the center of those hurricanes and tropical depressions and also prior to earthquakes, they should be triggering beta decay, LENR and ionization within the oceans. In other words, the beginnings of life, I believe, were first created in that cosmic soup left behind in the wake of this particle and those events.

From Wilkipedia:

Red tide is a common name for a phenomenon known as an algal bloom (large concentrations of aquatic microorganisms) when it is caused by a few species of dinoflagellates and the bloom takes on a red or brown color. Red tides are events in which estuarine, marine, or fresh water algae accumulate rapidly in the water column, resulting in coloration of the surface water. It is usually found in coastal areas.[1]

Some red tides are associated with the production of natural toxins, depletion of dissolved oxygen or other harmful effects, and are generally described as harmful algal blooms. The most conspicuous effects of these kind of red tides are the associated wildlife mortalities of marine and coastal species of fish, birds, marine mammals, and other organisms.

green tideContrary to popular thinking, “Red Tides“, which actually come in different colors, and some even glow in the dark, have been found to INCREASE after the passage of a severe storm.  Scientific thinking had been that all of that fresh water dumped from a storm should dilute the red tide.  This increasing red tide evidence was documented after Hurricane Katrina by NASA.

Red tide and plankton blooms have also been linked to earthquakes:

“A joint US-Indian team of researchers analysed satellite data on ocean coastal areas lying near the epicentres of four recent quakes. Details of the research appear in the journal Advances in Space Research. They say that monitoring peaks in chlorophyll could provide early information on an impending earthquake. The authors say the chlorophyll blooms are linked to a release of thermal energy prior to an earthquake. This causes the sea surface temperature to rise and increases the surface latent heat flux – the amount of energy moving from the surface to the air due to evaporation. And in turn, there is enhanced upwelling – the process by which cold, nutrient-rich water is transported from the deep sea to the surface.”

red tide 3I believe that peculiar tide is just evidence of our particle’s way of creating, transmuting and mutating life in the oceans. Sure, in high concentrations it can be toxic, but we should also find within it new or mutated organisms according to my research. Our particle can pull matter up from deep within the Earth with each orbit, creating a cosmic stew of ionized matter and biology. A potent dish for sure, and it even provides the mixing.


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  1. jzues permalink

    Have you read any William Reich? Orgone energy- or what he labeled Orgone sounds much like the particles that interact-
    Love the mindset of your thinking. And i believe you are on the information superhighway with your thoughts! Let them flow always.,

    • Wow, he was out there, but probably on to something. Entropic Dark Energy flows through and around everything, even gravity is entropic. I am focused on the high energy stuff which appears to create the most awe inspiring changes in our planet and solar system. I believe it is a flux carrier for gravity, electricity and magnetism through its mass, charge and angular momentum.
      Thanks for following

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