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Earth Recharges Her Batteries

January 3, 2013

As I have been studying entropic dark matter, I realize that all of that dark matter that is orbiting into Earth cannot be annihilating all of the time or we would probably be part of that shrapnel pile in the asteroid belt…  So I realized this stuff is coalescing (merging) with the Earth’s entropic black hole center, effectively recharging her batteries.  As she adds mass, she cools down a bit, that is what black holes do.  It appears that a small percentage of this mass is annihilated and radiated off as energy, which I believe is probably what we see as part of Earth’s  coronal discharge, which increases after CMEs.  I believe these entropic particles are also part of Earth’s magnetic shield that protects Earth from deadly cosmic radiation.  As Earth radiates this entropic energy slowly back over time as Hawking radiation, she slowly warms back up.  It takes a good blast of entropic dark matter to cool her back down.  Makes sense to me.  NASA/NOAA time to update your climate models.

crop circle coalescenceWhat also is making more sense is that once again, our particle physicist friends are taking to the fields and are telling us what is going on, but we have our heads way up our butts, a chronic human condition that is currently containing us within the walls of our own box.  Time to “Kick It” as Feynman said. Hawking said in his last book that all you need is a black hole and particles popping out of the vacuum of space to get things rolling.  That comment is hitting much closer to home with me now. I still want to believe that an intelligence much greater than any of us started the first ball/bubble rolling.

CropCircleSpiralI know my blog is being read worldwide, who is going to be the first Physicist to step up and say, You know what? I think he is right. It will take some bravery to do that because my theory implies some unacceptable dangers about fission reactors and possible signs of an intelligence in this universe much more advanced than ourselves and, although they do not want to interfere with our world, I believe they are trying to give us a few hints to keep us from being annihilated…On the flip side, confirmation of my theory would prove a substantial amount of M Theory and make it useful in predicting the largest energetic events on the face of this planet which leads to untold suffering.

If you look at history, species have thrived as the Earth has warmed.  It is drastic cooling which has an adverse effect on life.  If we master the entropic force, I believe the entire universe will be at our doorstep, or at least located off an entropic highway which is available to us.  I also believe we are being warned and the clock is ticking.


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  1. mtpokit permalink

    Truly! The Entropic Particle/Space/Time reality IS at our doorstep. Always has been, always is, always will be. The quest, is how to understand, and purposefully react with it. My humble “education” inhibits me from contributing meaningful mathematics to explain fundamental particle interactions. But, human consciousness has never been limited, until the distraction of electronic technology, diverting elemental concentration from TRUE reality. As we enter the galactic plane, we will encounter more unexplained “anomalies” because of our miss-interpretation of founded science. Perhaps, dark matter particle interaction is inevitable at concentrated levels while cycling through space, through the galaxy, the universe. NOW, is the time, at this special level of interaction with our galaxy, to re-examine that, which the ancients have already encountered. Namaste.

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