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Bringing You the Weather from 10,000 Miles Above Earth

January 2, 2013
1-2-13 DH



1)  Big particle trough still exists swooping across US.  The top of the cloud contrail line passes directly over the sinkhole.  I guess the chances of that happening are exactly the same as me telling you that it is happening right now… It seems to have gotten wider due to more particles? New Sinkholes in Harrisburg, Pennsylvannia blamed on infrastructure…29 homes evacuated.  Orbital dark matter attracts, call it a string of uncertain bad luck…

2) Doppler still showing a cloud track from that storm over Northwest leading towards Ohio. Polar Express here I come?

3) It appears that as the low pressure systems swoop over Ohio to the North, the particle track flips from South to the North, like the plasma arc on a Tesla Coil??  Must be an entropic magnetic flux thing…

4) I cannot decide on that Low pressure system in green.  I do not see a cloud contrail to Florida anymore so I am including it with the rest towards Ohio. (Hey, weathermen get to change their mind).  I think I am too impatient with that Florida sinkhole, but I am watching…


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