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Our Poor Friends

January 2, 2013

beaked whaleI have already mentioned that an increase in waterspouts over Lake Erie last Summer also coincided with an increase in fish kills.  The first thing you should ask yourself is:  If waterspouts are an atmospheric event why in hell are they killing fish?  You might also remember that Lake Erie was the site of where the large sinkhole opened up on the Erie Canal, which according to my research and slightly creative mind was the location of the entry of the largest entropic energetic particle of the bunch, known as “Sandy” particle, better known by the devastation she and her orbital friends caused known as “Hurricane Sandy”.  It would make sense to me that a massive particle like Sandy might attract many other orbiting particles entering the area over the course of the next few months, leading to all of the waterspout activity.  These are massive entropic micro black hole particles and they are attracted to each other just like magnetic and gravitational fields align because in affect, that is what they create.

Our particle prefers mass-dense areas. It actually turns towards more mass-energy dense regions.  That is why I believe those orbital strings in the atmosphere flatten out and wind through the clouds they create because that is where the more dense mass of water is.  On the sun, the orbital paths of those flux tubes stay more elliptical because they are entering less dense space and turn back down where the energy is from the fusing hydrogen.  That is also why the oceans are a great source of more dense mass-energy for these particles to orbit through.  In a strange way I wonder if that also protects us surface dwelling humans somewhat, this stuff spends much time orbiting over our heads or below the surface of the Earth and oceans because those are the areas of higher mass-energy density.

I have been plowing through beached whale necropsies, which I have never studied before, trying to find evidence of the trauma I would expect to see from an energetic particle streaking through the ocean.  Beaked whales are amazing creatures.  They are some of the deepest divers of all marine mammals:

“Beaked whales are deep divers with extreme dive profiles.[6] They regularly dive deeper than 500 m to echolocate for food, and these deep dives are often followed by multiple shallower dives of less than 500 m.[7] Based on currently available data, beaked whales are thought to spend much of their lives below water.[8]

Unfortunately beaked whales also appear in many strandings.  This has been researched and some relationship with Navy Sonar impacts has been discussed.  I am not questioning a relationship as I believe any large sonic disturbance might cause distress or some impact to any marine population.

What does concern me though is that many of these mammals appear to have massive trauma due to PRESSURE disturbances.  In other words they appear to have severe concussions.

From a NOAA study on strandings:

“In no animal was there evidence of profound or near-field blast damage, but in two of the fresher heads, there is a preliminary finding of in vivo auditory system pathology or trauma in the beaked whale specimens. This evidence consists of intra-cochlear (IC)and temporal region subarachnoid hemorrhages (SAH) with cerebral ventricular clots (LVH). In simpler terms, there are deposits of blood within some of the inner ear chambers, and, in at least one animal, the blood trail can be traced to a hemorrhage in a discrete region of the fluid spaces surrounding the brain. This animal also has clotting on the dorsal surfaces of both lateral ventricles of the brain (Fig. 2). These pathologies were first observed in the CT scans and subsequently confirmed by gross dissection.The number and coincidence of the strandings combined with these necropsy findings suggest pressure related trauma in the beaked whales. The patchy patterning of blood in the Ziphius and Mesoplodon ears indicates that the inner ear membranous partitions were intact and that the cochlear aqueduct was a primary conduit for blood movement between the cranial and inner ear spaces.”

“Several observations on these beaked whales are consistent with the findings on the Bahamian specimens. In particular, blood in and around the eyes, kidney lesions, pleural hemorrhage, lung congestion, and in the one preserved head, subarachnoid and ventricular hemorrhages, were found which are consistent with Bahamian pathologies that are consistent with stress and pressure related trauma. The coincidence of pathology and the stranding patterns in both sites raises the concern that a similar pressure event precipitated or contributed to strandings in both sites.”

What is able to kill a mammal via a pressure disturbance that nature has designed to handle extreme pressures in the first place? Now I scuba dive some on vacations and used to be an assistant instructor and also as an engineer I know that @ 500M=1640 FT=710 PSI of pressure or about  48.3 atmospheres. I also know that water is a non compressible fluid.  I also know that at 500m depth, you are surrounded by trillions of tons of water.  So I ask, at those extreme depths, what is able to COMPRESS or DISPLACE WATER and create a concussive force great enough to kill nature’s best?  I believe a depth charge could do it or any other underwater explosive event, but don’t you think somebody would notice that??.  I also believe that a massive particle weighing as much as 1x10e12 kg that can collapse water in its surroundings can do it, creating a type of bow shock around it as it orbits through the ocean in an area at tens or hundreds of miles per second.  You see, I don’t believe those mammals in the ocean are any different than the fish in the lakes when a particle is orbiting through.  Hurricane Katrina as well as Isaac led to many fish kills, even further inland.  I believe this energetic particle can ionize the dissolved oxygen right out of the water.

We humans are quick to blame the government, military or each other for anything we do not understand. Once we accept the existence of this energetic, entropic dark matter particle making up 95% of the universe our world will change.  We can then focus our best minds on meeting it on its own terms.


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