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Our Atmospheric Energy Balances Do Not Jive

January 27, 2013

1-27-13 DH 8 PMIn Chemical Engineering 101, we are taught to do energy balances.  During work process, we are also taught that a small amount of energy is always lost to entropy, making the process irreversible.   I am beginning to believe that this same dark entropic force is the reason we may not be able to go back in time, it is continually shredding matter and energy all around us and removing it from this dimension.

In doing those energy balances as well a designing large surface condensers, I know that you have to pull one hell of a vacuum to condense water vapor in a CLOSED container, let alone the OPEN atmosphere, which requires more extreme condensing capability.  I also know that when the gas is very cold to start with, it makes it even HARDER to condense, you need to pull extreme vacuum.  So, where is all of that vacuum energy coming from and where is all that heat going in our atmosphere where all of that condensing is going on?

Somehow, someway, billions, maybe trillions of tons of cold air and water vapor are being cooled and condensed and concentrated in the area of Dover, Ohio right now as well as pulling cold jet streams directly towards it. Mr. Meteorologist, NOAA, NASA please show me the energy balance and mechanism that can do that.  Something is sucking the entropy and energy right out of that gas and condensing and creating massive atmospheric circulation in that area.  If you look close you will also see some very sharp lines or radar hits on that doppler radar.  I believe these are particle tracks.

What force can collapse and condense billions of tons of water vapor and trigger the force of hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards while releasing millions of volts of electricity at the same time?  CAN MOSTLY INERT NITROGEN, OXYGEN AND WATER VAPOR IN OUR ATMOSPHERE DO THIS ON ITS OWN? The strange thing is, according to my research and theory, all of that energy is transferred across a surface area in the order of magnitude of 1e-26 sq. meters over many orbits in the same area.  Do you realize how much energy is hiding behind that surface area?


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