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January 28, 2013

magnetic braidsWASHINGTON – NASA solar scientists in Huntsville, Al., have proved the existence of a powerful energy source in the sun’s corona that could lead to better predictions of the solar weather changes that cost electrical grids billions annually and affect industries from airlines to satellites.

A paper by the team at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is the featured article in the current issue of the journalNature and the subject of a press conference today at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The evidence came from the Huntsville-built High Resolution Coronal (Hi-C) Imager telescope launched above the atmosphere on a small sounding rocket last July. Lead solar astrophysicist Dr. Jonathan Cirtain of Huntsville discussed the mission in a Monday interview.

The team found magnetic fields in the sun’s corona, where most solar weather begins, “wound around each other like a rope braid or a French braid in a woman’s hair,” Cirtain said. “That ensemble of strands wrapped around one another is really a battery, a way in which energy can be stored.” Watch a video of the experiment below beginning with a full-scale vision of the sun as seen by Hi-C.

Big ball of YarnBending the magnetic fields into the braids adds energy, Cirtain said, and when the bands straighten, the energy released can heat the corona “some 400 times the temperature of the sun’s surface.”

NASA should soon realize that:

1) The braids are made of entangled orbiting energetic dark matter particles at over a million degrees with an average mass in the 5e+16 to 1e+17 kg range.  It is predicted that primordial micro black hole balls of entropy should exceed 1e+12 kg. They are electromagnetic and gravitational flux carriers.

2) The sunspots on the sun are equivalent to sinkholes and beta decay areas on the Earth.

3) These same braids, or entangled dark matter particles are orbiting through sinkholes and seismic areas on Earth and up through low pressure systems, hurricanes, tornadoes, rainbows and through our jetstreams.  Many of these particles are traveling hundreds to thousands of miles per second and so all you see are the clouds and phenomena they create.

-4) They have a cold surrounding bubble in our atmosphere because they remove entropy from their surroundings and are collapsing gasses around them and condensing water vapor forming clouds and low pressure disturbances.  They also charge up the atmosphere.

Solar Weather = Earth Weather and is triggered from these orbital energetic dark matter particle “filaments”.

Dark Matter is an ENTROPIC BATTERY, the energy is locked behind that small surface area.



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