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OK, I Don’t Get This Excited Over Rainbows

January 29, 2013

I do notice that on most of these rainbows, most of the condensing is happening on one end.  That may be the end that the particle is exiting the Earth from and is the most energetic, but I have to study. I believe the particle is in the middle of the dark band between and is doing all of the magic and that the rainbow is probably a torroid.

OK, here is another double rainbow AFTER a tornadic storm that looks to be very energetic and still condensing water vapor.  You will also see a lightning bolt emanate FROM the rainbow.  This is an extremely energetic particle releasing energy across its charged surface and extracting entropy from the surrounding gas, condensing water vapor and making clouds.  We should have caught this effect two thousand years ago, we would be much further ahead.


From → Geophysics

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