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Particularly Puzzling Quantum Particles – Say 5 Times Fast

January 29, 2013

hopewellcropcircle111So let’s construct the history once again to try and understand what is happening with this very intense weather that keeps sweeping across the country towards Ohio. This is the history as I see it, which will in no way sound like an ordinary weather forecast, you can tune to the weather station for that. Following is a summary as I see it:

1) Back around September 2012 a solar flare or CME most likely occurred  sending massive amounts of energetic entropic particles towards Earth and in this case they would be striking Dover, Ohio.  When I say entropic, I mean micro black holes of entropy.

2) I believe somehow a forewarning blast of entropy struck the fields in Ohio, ionizing crops and gave us an accurate accounting of all of the massive particles that would be orbiting through Ohio when that mass reached the Earth.  Which by the photo appears to be at least 8 major particles and twice as many smaller ones all gravitationally clumped together.

3)  The CME actually did not strike Ohio until November, as I have mentioned previously and there were many UFO reports as the micro black hole balls of entropy orbited into the area, glowing orange as they entered the atmosphere.  People have also been hearing lots of noises in the sky and taken photos of strange clouds ever since in the surrounding states.

4) According to my research they all orbited into Dover, Ohio and through beta decay and ionization quickly opened up that large 1200′ dia sinkhole. Ever since then, based upon their momentums, they have been in a slowly decaying orbit and their exit point from the Earth is approaching that sinkhole, only three or four have made it so far, probably the ones with lower initial momentums.

1-29-13 DHe

1-29-2013 Severe Weather

5) Along their orbital path they condense massive amounts of water vapor, if it is available, especially when multiple particles are orbiting together in an entangled jet stream.  It appears to be along these entangled jets that tornadoes are occurring as these particles pull a vacuum within the surrounding atmosphere and surface of the Earth.  You can see those sharp lines on the Doppler radar, I believe those are actual particle track signatures.

6)  They have taken down a few planes through severe air turbulence I believe as well triggered power outages and such.  They have also attracted other orbiting particles to the area, as other sinkholes have opened up in the surrounding States.

7)  Think of those jet streams and sinkholes the same as those magnetic flux tubes and sunspots on the sun and you will understand.

8) We have a few weeks left of this severe weather until all of those orbits decay.

9)  This quantum particle is just a magnified version of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and that is exactly what sinkholes, seismic activity and severe weather create by adding uncertainty in our lives.


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  1. Sue Kaufman permalink

    Look at a current 8:40am EST infrared satellite picture, you will see all the gravitation waves associated with this crazy front and an almost perfect cloudtop circle over Dover.

    • I looked this morning, I am in a car right now in South GA, my house is under a tornado warning, they are orbiting overhead towards Dover!

      Thanks for following

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