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Multiple Bogeys Inbound …. Who Has The Ball?

February 1, 2013

Those are some weird looking “hits” on those Doppler radars, look more like cigars or rods.  They also appear to be flying in formation. A couple kinda look like those triangle UFOs people have been seeing entering the atmosphere glowing hot orange.  It is also funny how many are CLUMPED together.  Probably because they weigh MILLIONS of TONS or more.  It is strange that most of them are hanging over/near sinkholes that I am watching.  Oh, well must be my early onset dimentia.

2-1-13 Dover OH Dark Matter 2-1-13 Charlotte NC Sinkhole 2-1-13 Utica NY Sinkhole

2-1-13 Holladay Utah 2-1-13 Michigan Sinkholes 2-1-13 Nitro, WV

2-1-13 Holladay Utah Dark Matter


From → Geophysics

  1. Gracie permalink

    If you are getting dementia then so am I. Keep connecting dots- humanity needs answers.

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