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Mayday, Again

February 1, 2013

utah planeOne of the things that concerns me, among many, about this energetic particle, if it exists, is that it can carry a very powerful electromagnetic charge at its surface as it shreds and condenses atoms and ionizes its surroundings. Even if there is no moisture around to collapse and create severe turbulence, I believe it can create electromagnetic disturbances in anything it passes through. I have mentioned this many times. So I mentioned earlier today that I was seeing some strange radar hits over the sinkhole in Holladay, Utah as I show in the picture. So here is what occurred in the area today as reported in the news:

2-1-13 Holladay Utah Dark MatterA single propeller airplane went down near the Skypark Airport in Woods Cross just a few minutes after takeoff Friday afternoon. The pilot, who was the single occupant of the plane, walked away with no injuries. Detective Adam Osoro of the Woods Cross Police Department said the plane was apparently experiencing engine trouble shortly after take off. The pilot turned around to try to return to the airport but was unable to reach the runway before losing power. Instead, the plane landed upright in a nearby field in some deep snow, Osoro said.”

If you look in the sky over that plane you might imagine those cirrus clouds are contrail lines of an orbiting particle, condensing water vapor in a line with each orbit. Obviously, this pilot was much more fortunate than these folks, whose plane went down in Texas a couple of weeks ago, right in the path of those energetic particles I was tracking orbiting their way up to Dover, Ohio. It appears that SOMETHING RIPPED THEIR RUDDER OFF. Some of these orbiting, entangled particles crossing Texas, according to my research, are the same energetic particles that triggered the tornadoes in Georgia this week. THEY ARE STILL ORBITING.

I am just building a case, since I cannot hand you the particle and say here it is.


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  1. michael permalink

    Maybe some videos from Horsefarmer1000 are interesting for your research.

    Your blog is enlightening.


    • Mike,

      Thanks. Yes That glowing object/objects are behaving like I think this energetic “particle” should behave. It appears to me that it is shooting off small tails as it is skirting our atmosphere and starts interacting with atmospheric gasses and can change momentum since it has a nuclear surface, shredding the gas. Once it gets into a dense enough gaseous atmosphere I believe collapses and condenses the gasses around it and creates a cold envelope to “hide” in. I cannot tell if that object is just skirting the atmosphere or is entering into orbit, later to become a cold front and low pressure system on Earth…

      Thank You.

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