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Just a Chameleon in Disguise

February 4, 2013

Derechos also come with their own double rainbows. Do we really believe that the atmosphere can become that violent and charged up that fast without some help? That double rainbow is just a chameleon in disguise providing the electrical charge and vacuum energy for that storm according to my research.  After most of the water vapor is condensed he provides a beautiful final view before coalescing into the Earth.  Notice that you usually hear the wind blowing though as he continues to create an atmospheric disturbance until he disappears underground.
A couple of more videos of double rainbows are here and here.

Reinventing Claire

It has been a week since the Eastern United States was hammered by a fast-moving, deadly storm. Here in central Virginia, after an eerie, silent stillness with no warning of what was to follow, we were blasted by a sideways, screaming wind. Nothing else… just wind. Then, the wicked, other-worldly tempest brought-on wild, non-stop lightning in the clouds above – as if someone was flicking a light switch on and off, on and off. The lights flashed all around us without pause. There was still no sound, except the roar of the wind. Later came lightning that was lower in the sky, accompanied by rumbles of thunder, downpours of rain, and hail. Throughout it all, most devilish was the incessant wind. Many likened the 70-plus mile-per-hour wind to the scary roar of a train.

We took the rampage seriously. After returning home safely during the first-half of the storm, my…

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