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February 4, 2013

ball-lightningMicro black holes, by themselves should not carry a significant charge:

charged black hole is a black hole that possesses electric charge. Since the electromagnetic repulsion in compressing an electrically charged mass is dramatically greater than the gravitational attraction (by about 40 orders of magnitude), it is not expected that black holes with a significant electric charge will be formed in nature.

So what this tells me, which is what I believe we witness in nature, since the black hole expells the charged particles it is creating at its surface while shredding molecules and atoms, in order to stay relatively neutral, those charged particles are expelled to the atmosphere and space around it, ie. gravity cannot overcome the repulsion of those charged particles so they escape.  This is why I believe this particle leaves a strongly ionized field around wherever it is orbiting, be it within a double rainbow, or massive particles orbiting above and through hurricanes and jet streams, which leads to enormous amounts of lightning and electrical discharge.  I believe this can also lead to engine failure for any vehicle, aircraft or equipment that might happen to be within the orbiting particle’s path, including Lithium Ion batteries.  I also believe this is why comets develop a huge charged coma and tail. Of course belief is one thing and proof is another, which is the purpose of my research and predictions, to see if my theory is correct or am I just one of those Internet crazies.

This gentlemen has done a very good job of documenting cases where automobile engines have failed while witnessing UFOs.  I personally don’t think many UFOs are little green men, I believe many are these charged particles, at all different momentums and energy levels orbiting into and through the Earth.

Disruption of automobile engines by UFOs is a familiar phenomenon. Less well known are instances where an engine that had been killed comes back to life again when the UFO departs, that is, the engine restarts itself without assistance from the driver. Twenty- seven such cases are summarized. A key observation by a mechanic whose engine had been stopped by a UFO suggests a mechanism by which self-starting might be understood. Should a non-firing engine come to rest with one cylinder past top-dead-center, it would entrap a suitable mixture of fuel and air to be ignited by the next arriving spark thereby cranking the engine. Such an event might result from collapse of a gaseous discharge across open breaker points in the distributor. If the discharge had been sustained by ionization of the atmospheric gases caused by the UFO, it would collapse shortly after departure of the UFO.

All I believe that has to happen is we need to change our thinking about this missing 95% energy in the universe and a new world of opportunity will open up for us.  Until then, it unfortunately will continue killing us and causing mass suffering.  I don’t say that jokingly either.


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  1. Gracie permalink

    You are correct, it is NO joke. It’s been snowing since early this a.m.
    I ran across this today and thought of you:

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