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Dover, Ohio Really Sucks

February 4, 2013

2-4-13 DHAnyway, my spare time these days is taken up coaching kids basketball, tracking cloud contrails and plotting sinkholes…which is very odd. You can see my wife is very forgiving. I basically have it in my mind that these particles expelled from the sun during CMEs are energetic condensers of water vapor, gasses and tiny amounts of matter with each orbit.  If there are lots of particles entering that huge sinkhole in Dover, Ohio, it makes sense to me that area should be condenser central for all water vapor. That condensing action should pull a vacuum on the surrounding area, cooling and condensing.  Once the water vapor is all condensed clear skies should prevail. The particles should condense water vapor along their orbital path, creating a vacuum and inducing high speed winds in their path, thus what we call jet streams. I have it in my mind that those jet streams are similar to an accretion disk of regular matter (water) and dark matter. It appears that once the water vapor is all condensed along the paths to these sinkholes in the Earth, the strings “recoil” back to the west and spread out until the next wave of moisture passes through.  Wash, rinse and repeat sorta thing.  I have saved some new images below and put them on the Radar link.

That line of clouds has been pointing towards the Ohio area all day, just like a few days ago during the severe weather and a few weeks ago during another bout of severe weather.  These jet streams are just Earth’s own magnetic flux tubes, probably all braided up in those jet streams, just like on the sun.  If we can unlock the energy within the particle, energy will be the least of our worries in the future.

2-4-13 DHa 2-4-13 DHb


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