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Recoiled, Entangled, Locked, Loaded and Here We Go Again

February 10, 2013

That severe front is an entangled entropic quantum particle stream with arteries branching off into the Earth at the locations of those sinkholes. Strange world we live in but I think it is making more sense to me now. Take the actual number of particles creating those storms x 1.151841e+42 and that will be in the neighborhood of the potential energy/entropy available behind the surface area of those particles. I placed more screenshots on the Uncertainty Radar link.  Google Earth weather server has a bad spell every once and awhile and leaves a blank area due to no data, but you get the idea. And you thought we were going to run out of energy?

2-10-13 USA11
2-10-13 USA
2-10-13 USA2 2-10-13 USA3
2-10-13 USA6 2-10-13 USA7 2-10-13 USA8 2-10-13 USA9


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