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The Three Types of Tornado

February 10, 2013

The first type (A) is that which is happening now in Mississippi and Alabama and headed my way tonight. Entangled particle strings orbiting overhead and pulling extreme vacuum in the atmosphere, condensing water vapor and triggering tornadoes below the path of the orbiting particles due to the tremendous “suction”. I believe many of those energetic particles are exiting the Earth in Europe, entangling near the equator along jet streams, orbiting across the US triggering low pressure disturbances and entering back into the Earth in Pennsylvania  North Carolina, West Virginia, etc. I believe all of the Dover, OH Particles are now approaching from the North/Northwest. I believe type (A) can also gravitationally attract particle orbits of type (B). The second type (B) is triggered by the high energy density areas of vacuum that is inflating as well as refrecting/bending light and condensing water vapor. The third type actually has a particle string of vacuum orbiting up through the middle of it and is pulling a vacuum on its surroundings as it decays. They are very commonly seen as waterspouts over lakes, although they are moving across land also and can create tornadoes.  Most Hurricanes are also created from multiple particle strings of type (C). In the case of Hurricane Sandy, I believe she was created by multiple entangled particle strings orbiting up and around the center of the low pressure disturbance and forming the eye of the hurricane as they decay . The exit point moves slowly towards the particle string’s entry point in the Earth and orbits with the Earth’s center of mass and is influenced in a multi-body effect by other particle strings within jet streams.  Our weather phenomena is really all about vacuum potential, which changes all of the time.

Entangled Jet

(A) Entangled particles orbiting overhead condense water vapor and pull a vacuum on the atmosphere/Earth below


Tornado Rainbow Schematic

(B) High Vacuum density is refracting/bending light, condensing water vapor triggering a low pressure disturbance as the vacuum energy is decaying 

Waterspout Tornado
    • Thanks for the link.

      I think we may find that the sun is producing condensates (Bose-Einstein, such as metallic Hydrogen) as well as collapsed dark matter. As I think about it, these particles remove all of the entropy/heat from their surroundings, cooling it and Bose-Einstein condensates typically form under very cold conditions, although more recent research is showing that they can actually form at room temperatures. I am sensing that collapsed dark matter is the “Universal Ground” it takes everything back to the lowest starting point from an energy standpoint in our universe. I think large/many particles ground the entire Earth every once in awhile, taking us back to an ice age, it appears that it is constantly grounding limited areas of the Earth at the center of those low pressure systems. Just my sense.

      Thanks for following


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