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February 19, 2013

130216_BA_tassphotoslive419717.jpg.CROP.article568-largeSo I go away on a ski trip, get non-stop snow for four days and it is bitterly cold, in direct contradiction to climate change. My friend’s wife got scared at the dark/black string of clouds that kept sweeping over our mountain dumping on us. The Russians get struck by a mysterious flying object as big as a house while all of our telescopes are trained on the larger asteroid to make sure it does not take down any of our satellites.  If this were boxing that would be called a sucker punch. Meanwhile some more buildings disappear into sinkholes in Queensland related to the recent cyclone there.  You have to admit, this is a pretty exciting place we were all born into.

My job is to make everybody think that maybe the immediate spacetime we live in isn’t actually smooth and uniform and that many of these disturbances might actually be connected to wrinkles in our space caused by orbital collapsed matter or micro black hole balls of entropy, mostly weakly interacting with our environment with each orbital pass, but causing significant disturbances over time.

So what makes one strongly interacting?  Two things.  First, as I have said before, out in the cold of space I believe that many of these particles develop a crust around them made up of ordinary matter due to the beta decay and LENR reactions with ordinary matter at their surface. They are really no different in my model than the Earth, we are all living on the crust of ordinary matter which has developed over billions of years around a dark matter nucleus. Crack the Earth open and that nucleus might take off like a bat out of hell if it is subject to an uneven distribution of matter. Our baryonic Earthen matter keeps our nucleus “calm”.  The other thing that makes these particles strongly interacting is they get caught in orbit, either with the Earth’s center of mass and/or with each other and they create large disturbances in the atmosphere and weaknesses in the Earth over the period of tens of thousands of orbits.

So here are my thoughts on recent events.

Russians:  Find that ball of iron/ore at the bottom of that lake, else that perfectly round opening is actually a sinkhole and you will never find any nucleus, unless it is still orbiting, in which case the local jet stream would be perturbed and weather patterns interrupted over the next months with possibly some electromagnetic disturbances. In my model, as that ball of iron/other ores heated up, those nuclei became more energetic until finally exploding that ball just like a pipe bomb explodes. This would release the energetic nuclei to take off, creating sinkholes in the Earth instead of huge craters.  Really no different than when a comet becomes unstable and explodes. This video actually shows something speeding up and overtaking the larger ball, which may have been one of those energetic nuclei, I do not know.  Sort of like once Clark Kent drops his clothes, superman feels no friction anymore and takes off, if you can picture that…

Climate Change:  I do believe that CO2 increases atmospheric temperature and moisture in the atmosphere and humans have a hand in that because we are still burning everything around us like cavemen 10,000 years ago and releasing CO2.  This just adds more fuel/energy to the fire for these particles to condense, creating larger disturbances/storms.  The particles are like the universal ground, they are taking the space around them back to absolute zero before collapsing it to entropy.

Back to updating the Google Earth Uncertainty Radar.


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  1. Sue permalink

    I couldnt believe you were still incommunicado when the meteor struck, Ive been excited (?!) to read your response

    • Thanks,

      I was in West Virginia, 10 miles from a large radio telescope, they do not allow cell phones and no internet in our cabin. I was connectionally? challenged. The only Internet was in a pub and my wife keeps me out of those places. Lots of good skiing with my family. We are still searching for ET using radio signals that humans developed 60 years ago and even we only listen to now while in our cars. Do you suppose ET is still using his radio? I am guessing that advanced civilizations listen to Pandora on the universal entropic WIFI network?…


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