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Pick-em Up Truck

February 22, 2013

18 wheelerI am still way behind after my vacation so I am slowly catching back up.  Just a couple more thoughts on entropic gravity. Recent theories cite a strong link between gravity and thermodynamics. I am not creating a new connection, I am just identifying our misinterpretation of what we are seeing in our atmosphere. Extreme weather upsets and cirrus/other strange clouds are an orbital effect, symptom or signature  and not the actual cause of the upset.

From Entropic Gravity:

Entropic gravity, as proposed by Verlinde in his original article, reproduces Einstein’s equations and, in a Newtonian approximation, Newton’s 1/r potential for gravitational forces. Since it does not make new physical predictions, it can not be falsified with existing experimental methods, at this time, any more than Newtonian gravity and general relativity.

Even so, entropic gravity in its current form has been severely challenged on formal grounds. Matt Visser in [19] has shown that the attempt to model conservative forces in the general Newtonian case (i.e. for arbitrary potentials and an unlimited number of discrete masses) leads to unphysical requirements for the required entropy and involves an unnatural number of temperature baths of differing temperatures. Visser concludes:

There is no reasonable doubt concerning the physical reality of entropic forces, and no reasonable doubt that classical (and semi-classical) general relativity is closely related to thermodynamics [52–55]. Based on the work of Jacobson [1–6], Padmanabhan [7– 12], and others, there are also good reasons to suspect a thermodynamic interpretation of the fully relativistic Einstein equations might be possible. Whether the specific proposals of Verlinde [26] are anywhere near as fundamental is yet to be seen — the rather baroque construction needed to accurately reproduce n-body Newtonian gravity in a Verlinde-like setting certainly gives one pause.

For the derivation of Einstein’s equations from an entropic gravity perspective, Tower Wang shows in [20] that the inclusion of energy-momentum conservation and cosmological homogeneity and isotropy requirements severely restrict a wide class of potential modifications of entropic gravity, some of which have been used to generalize entropic gravity beyond the singular case of an entropic model of Einstein’s equations. Wang asserts that

As indicated by our results, the modified entropic gravity models of form (2), if not killed, should live in a very narrow room to assure the energy-momentum conservation and to accommodate a homogeneous isotropic universe.

The “unnatural number of temperature baths” are the extreme cold fronts and low pressure systems in our atmosphere. The “n-body Newtonian Gravity” constructs are the large numbers of entropic particles orbiting and swirling through our atmosphere and Earth.  They have the Earth locked within their gravitational clutches like a hand reaching out.  They are also swirling between the sun and Earth within the solar wind.  There is nothing homogenous and isotropic about the extreme temperature and pressure changes around a hurricane, tornado and  severe cold fronts in our atmosphere.  In many cases they will tear you apart.

These energetic n-body entropic particles create vacuums within the atmosphere and cool and condense gasses in their surroundings.  They even pick up 18 wheelers.  I am just a chemical engineer with a good understanding of thermodynamics and a very basic understanding of particle physics and nuclear physics here to help the physicists out and move along our thinking while having a little fun at the same time.


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