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The Dendrite Reveals its Flight

February 22, 2013

dark matter dendritesI have noticed that the primary weather patterns are spiraling off a main entangled body (jetstream and/or cold front) as dendrites and branch towards multiple sinkholes in the Earth.  This matches most of the other constructs in nature.  Now it makes sense, dark matter particles of all energy levels are the great wiring of the universe including here on Earth.  They can even stimulate new pathways by following a previous pathway due to electromagnetic and gravitational attraction and by continuing to branch out from there.  This includes the tiniest neurons in our brains right up to the spiraling dark matter dendrites connecting the universe.  This is also why sinkholes tend to pop up close to others.  These energetic particles are orbiting in towards Earth and gravitationally and electromagnetically follow the paths of other orbiting particles  This universe is completely alive and connected.

Below are some dendrites that occur in nature:

Earth Dendrite

From Google Earth


Capillaries within your body

plant dendrites

Plant Dendrites

brain dendrites

Brain Neuron Dendrites

2-10-13 USA2

Recent Severe Weather Dendrites


Lightning Dendrite


Mandlebrot Dendrite

lithium ion dendrites

Lithium Ion Dendrites

We just need to stay out of the path of the very energetic ones as they are re-wiring new pathways through the universe, solar system and Earth.  That includes comets, shooting stars and severe weather.

I think we are currently polluting one of the nodes on the neural entropic network and somebody is trying to tell us that as well as show us how to clean up our act. There is plenty of energy available at our disposal.  We are seeing just a fraction of what is locked behind the quantum surface.  Strange indeed.


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