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Some Updated Weather Particle Patterns

February 22, 2013

2-22-13 WeatherBest I can do to fit as many particle streams as I can see active/recent sinkholes that have been reported in the news.  I compare my paths to the jet streams over the US and they appear to match fairly well. Huge new sinkhole/disturbance in Page, AZ and a big highway problem in New Jersey.  I can see what looks like a cloud contrail pointing towards Page and lots of weather/condensing over the Northeast. I am focusing on tracks across the US for now. It is very hard to visually match them with the low pressure disturbance in Europe since their orbital paths appear to come together over the equator.  Once they approach to the North, their path flips off the equator and they approach from the North and Northwest.  I guess some of that changes in the Summer in our hemisphere, as many large storms swoop in from the South.  I put a few more screen shots on the Uncertainty Radar.  Should be some short term cooling with all of this condensing going on.


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