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Like Herding Cats

February 26, 2013

sinkholeThrough my research, I believe many of these energetic particles are entering into the Earth and creating sinkholes/weak spots due to beta decay.  As I plot weather patterns in attempt to prove/falsify my theory, it is much like herding cats.  These particles are massive, but because they are quantum and weakly interacting it appears their orbits can flip to another path very quickly as they are gravitationally influenced by other particles and are energetic at their nuclear surface.  I believe these particles are primarily in multi-body quantum orbits around each other in jet streams and weather filaments stretching across the globe.  Many appear to be orbiting for months into sinkholes.  I have attached a graphic of what I believe this looks like. I believe many times these particles come into Earth clumped and in multi-body orbits already from space, many expelled during solar flares and CMEs.  They feel no friction and become more energetic in a matter-energy dense environment.  I have indications that hurricane Katrina may have included at least seven massive particles that orbited into the Earth in the Ontario, Canada area and Hurricane Sandy I believe also contained at least five to seven massive entropic particles that orbited into the Earth in the Erie Canal/Albion, NY area.  I will discuss that in another blog entry later.

sinkhole roundOne thing, as I have said before that worries me is contractors that work in/around what I believe may be “active” sinkholes with energetic particles.  Beta Decay is nasty stuff since it can knock off protons.  It can trigger ionizing radiation in the surroundings such as Radon gas.  I already said previously that the Bayou Corne sinkhole had high levels of radon.  It appears through observation many sinkholes remain active for months after they are formed.

I also mentioned in a previous post that a long time sinkhole geologist that passed away recently in Florida had died of leukemia, which has been linked to high levels of ionizing radiation.  As I have continued to search for adverse health effects, I have come across one other troubling incident, at least to me and my connective brain tissue…

In Memory of
Dr. Barry F. Beck, PhD, CPG
October 18, 1944 – November 28, 2011

Dr. Barry F. Beck passed away at the age of 67, following a series of severe blood disorders and a brain stem stroke. The stroke in 2009 left him debilitated with “Locked-in Syndrome.”

He founded this conference below:

This series of Multidisciplinary Conferences on Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst™ was founded in 1984 by Dr. Barry F. Beck, who was then Director of the Florida Sinkhole Research Institute at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Barry continued to organize and lead this conference series while serving as Vice-President for Karst and Chief of Operations for the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, office of P.E. LaMoreaux & Associates, Inc. (PELA).

sinkhole largeBarry was the primary force behind the first 11 “sinkhole conferences”. In 2009, a stroke interrupted his planning for the 12th conference in January 2011, and medical complications from that stroke ultimately claimed his life in November 2011.
If anything, my research and theory imply elevated levels of background/ionizing radiation such as Radon in the area of active sinkholes.  It also implies worse than that as the energetic particles would pass right through humans at hundreds of miles/sec, slowly weakening cells and possibly triggering bad stuff inside our bodies, such as strokes and cancer. It may only have the radius of a fermi, so I am not sure you would even realize it is happening.
I reiterate that my research is ongoing and not yet peer reviewed.  However I do keep seeing things that continue to cause me concerns, especially for human and biological health.
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