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That’s a Wrap

February 26, 2013
2-26-13d Weather

2-26-13 Weather

As I have mentioned in the past after these low pressure systems pass by from West to East they wrap back around to the sinkholes to the West, making a big loop.  Once all of that water vapor is condensed they become less energetic and recoil back to the west, ready to do it again until those particle’s orbits decay into those sinkholes.  This matches pretty well with the jet stream.  One heck of a circulation going on as shown on wind map.

2-26-13 Wind Map

From Wind Map

“An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future. This map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US.”

They’ve got that right.  The even more amazing thing is that if my research is correct, all of that wind is induced from particles orbiting by that are much smaller than a gnat’s ass… The less exciting thing for me is that we are all being “bioformed” by this energy source.  Hey, that was a term from Star Trek!


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  1. Sue permalink

    Has the Siberian meteor just ramped up the world’s weather game? In other words, will it induce record breaking and extreme-ness into the coming weather patterns?

    • Sue,

      If my theory is correct, depending upon the mass of the nuclei and how long they orbit, yes they will influence weather patterns due to their gravitational effect on other particles and the changes in jetstreams. After the Great Alaska Earthquake in 1964, which I wrote a blog entry the rest of that year had significant changes in weather patterns, culminating in a “1000 Year” rainstorm in the Northwest.

      Click to access mwr-092-12-0601.pdf

      It’s just vacuum energy…I think the net effect is that it is cooling Earth off some, which is good. Too much is bad, very bad

      Thanks for following

      • One last comment, I have a hunch that many of these dark matter nuclei expelled from the sun that do not enter into a planetary orbit and trigger low pressure systems end up collecting in space, possibly in the asteroid belt or further out in the Oort cloud, where they sit and orbit and collect “dust” and build a shell of ordinary matter around themselves over millions of years. Every once in awhile either through orbital decay, collisions or gravitational upsets from an outside visitor such as an incoming comet do they get pulled into the inner solar system and sometimes wreak havoc on planets. Just because they have a chondritic shell around themselves does not mean they are more massive then other particles and will cause a larger thermodynamic upset. What is interesting but not surprising to me is that they can explode with the force of a nuclear bomb. It think that is a result of the nuclei becoming more energetic as it heats up and builds a pressure inside that shell until finally it explodes like a nuclear pipe bomb. Just my weird theory

    • Sue,

      This link shows the type of quantum behavior I would look for in a nucleus from that meteor. It might be bending/emitting light along its orbital path, which might jump around some with each orbit.


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