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Quantum Formation Reveals Their Location

March 8, 2013
Italy Red Lights

Luminous dots over Parma, Italy, on August 10, 2007. Five days later, there was a small magnitude-2.9 quake. I say these are quantum strings and micro black hole branes entering into orbit through  and around the Earth

As developed humans many of us are focused on what our schedule holds for the day, or what the boss is expecting from us and many of us rarely pay attention anymore to what the Earth and Universe are telling us, unless it affects our daily lives.

Humans look at an unexplained Earthly occurrence,  take a photo with their iPhone and use it as a screensaver or text message it to a friend .  Many of the drivers near the latest “meteor” in Russia barely slowed down to look at an airburst 30 times the strength of the Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb. Animals on the other hand, have a keen sense of their surroundings because it many times can mean their survival.

From Earth Magazine

In Europe, accounts of strange animal behavior before earthquakes go back to ancient Greece. But such signals didn’t win serious scientific attention until 1975, when Chinese officials “successfully” predicted a major earthquake near the city of Haicheng, about 550 kilometers northeast of Beijing.

Based on the surrounding province’s 2,200-year earthquake history and an array of geological measurements, China’s National Earthquake Bureau concluded in 1974 that a major earthquake would strike the area within the next two years, wrote physical chemist Helmut Tributsch in “When the Snakes Awake: Animals and Earthquake Prediction.” Determined to avoid the worst, the bureau not only expanded its measurement network, but trained more than 100,000 “honorary observers” to spot signs of an impending quake: Animals might leave their borrows, they were told. Well waters might cloud up and bubble. Lightning might strike from clear skies. Furthermore, the National Earthquake Bureau maintained, a small earthquake would strike north of the future “big one.”

After a minor quake struck just 70 kilometers north of Haicheng in December 1974, reports of unusual phenomena began streaming in: “Geese flew into trees,” Tributsch writes. “Pigs bit at each other or dug beneath the fences of their sties … Gas bubbles appeared in the pond water.” After a swarm of small quakes struck throughout the region in early February 1975, officials began evacuating Haicheng in full swing by 2 p.m. on Feb. 4, placing people in emergency shelters and herding animals from their stables.

comet shoemaker levy 9 breaking up

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Nuclei Breakup over Jupiter

Scientific commissions from around the world converged on the scene to investigate the “successful prediction.” Though the Chinese admitted they had little explanation for the usefulness of animal behavior as earthquake precursors, Tributsch writes that one Chinese seismologist told a colleague from Caltech that animal observation was “the best method for earthquake prediction thus far.

During the New Madrid Earthquakes, many sonic booms were heard and geese and ducks were landing from the sky to escape something.  Quantum cosmic strings and micro black holes will initially come in hot until they burn off their baryonic shell and then condense and collapse gasses around themselves as they then accelerate into closed particle strings connected to our Earth Brane.  We should soon realize many of these  “UFO” sightings are actually our Earthquake and Weather particle strings arriving to our planet and they “lock in” to  quantum gravitational, electromagnetic and thermodynamic orbits into the Earth for months, creating instabilities in the Earth and our weather patterns and the daily uncertainty in our lives.


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