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The Tendrils Amongst Us

March 8, 2013

3-8-13 weatherI have some screen shots of the current weather patterns from Google Earth.  As I have mentioned before it appears that the particle strings are only “visible” on radar when they are condensing water vapor available in their area, otherwise they are hidden, although I can see paths on wind map and intellicast jetstreams.  I am plotting those strings that are visible.  As the water vapor moves East I will plot others.  I am studying where I think these particles are orbiting within the Earth, forming telluric currents.  I believe at any given time there are a whole lot of these massive particles orbiting within the Earth.  I think sometimes those double rainbows actually gravitationally lift out of the Earth to join these other massive particles, aiding in the condensing and charged-up atmosphere during a severe weather outbreak.

3-8-13c weather 3-8-13b weather 3-8-13 Wind Map 3-8-13 jetstreamGodspeed



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