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Aircraft Down

March 17, 2013

3-17-13 weatheraAs I was updating the Google Earth Radar, plotting sinkholes and filaments/orbits of dark matter, I noticed that there are two jet streams coming together, one from low pressure systems from the NW and one looping from the South and combining and crossing over the middle of the country towards the East Coast. This fits fairly well with my theory as many of the sinkholes I have plotted cover the middle of the country over towards Pennsylvania, where lots of holes have opened up in January and February. There is a third jet stream leading towards FL. I realize Pennsylvania is prone to sinkholes, I tend to believe due to the geography, the bottom falls out easier although I think many times the initial trigger is the same, orbital dark matter weakening the ground. I have just plotted filaments that I can see, there are many sinkholes along the East coast.

3-17-13 JetstreamJust today, an aircraft was crossing where I show these jets/filaments coming together and crashed. It is obvious from the radar there was low pressure disturbances in the area.

2 killed in Indiana plane crash
At least two people were killed and three others injured Sunday when a small plane crashed in South Bend, Indiana, a police captain said.The plane’s pilot radioed for help after experiencing problems with the technical equipment, WNDU reported, adding that a landing attempt failed.

130317212609-indiana-jet-crash-story-topThese particles and filaments, if they exist, have lots of electromagnetic energy at their surface if you happen to cross through them. No different than the lightning coming from those double rainbows, if I am correct.  It appears that area of Indiana had many of these filaments overhead in the atmosphere.  They should also trigger severe turbulence if there is water vapor to condense and collapse.

I think there is a whole lot more energy there than anyone realizes, the turbulence and lightning we experience  is probably less than 5%.


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