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What if the Weather did not Cause the Weather?

March 18, 2013
3-18-13a Weather

3-18-13 Multiple Tornado Warnings in Georgia

So for the third time this year I spent time in the basement of my home with my family while tornado sirens went off all around us tonight and massive filaments (or strings) of dark matter orbited over my head pulling a large vacuum and condensing lots of water, creating 50 mph winds from the low pressure, hail from the updraft of the vacuum and lots of electromagnetic discharge we call lightning.  Now this is getting personal…

It appears to me that the greater the number of new sinkholes in a geographic area, the more severe the weather over the period of a few months as those filaments appear to swing back and forth over the area creating disturbances.  They are basically aligning the jet streams over those areas and pulling the weather towards them.  Wherever more filaments line up and “entangle” with each other there seems to be a much larger disturbance.

photoI also noticed tonight when I went outside my house after the storm the sky was completely reddish pink and glowing.  That has to be from all of the electrical charge buildup from those filaments of dark matter sweeping overhead and the charge created at the particles’ surface.  I also see a fairly continuous jet stream now over South Florida that was not there before those sinkholes opened up in Tampa.

I realize this is a strange way of looking at things but it actually makes much more sense to me now that there is a source of energy for all that goes on in the atmosphere.  I think we are really kidding ourselves to believe that mostly inert atmospheric gasses can assemble and unleash that much energy in such a short period of time.

At least I have an explanation for the source of energy that is relatively simple, it is just filaments of entropy, or vacuum energy or dark energy, whatever you want to call it.


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