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A Black Hole a Day leads to a Cosmic Ray and a Cloud Today

March 28, 2013

NASA Image: This image looks kinda like my elliptical filaments, the only thing they are missing IS THE ORBIT within our Jet Streams and through the Earth.

It has already been researched that “Cosmic Rays” can lead to aerosols which are theorized to impact cloud formation in the atmosphere and climate.  All I am really trying to do is change our concept of many of these “cosmic rays”.  I believe many of these cosmic rays are actually dark matter entropic black holes and filaments expelled primarily from the Sun towards Earth. And yes they do COOL the Earth and form clouds, which then dump that moisture. They cool by removing entropy from the surrounding  gas and collapsing and cooling their surroundings, condensing water vapor and forming the clouds. Once the clouds release all of their moisture, they disappear too. These micro black holes also throw in a little electromagnetic and gravitational effect just for good measure to keep things interesting.  This is basic thermodynamics taught in college engineering classes with a little black hole surface thermodynamics thrown in along with surface charge and some entropic gravity. I added some links to black hole thermodynamics on the calculations area on the menu.  It is really just a transfer of entropy/energy from our dimensions to the surface of those micro black hole balls of entropy that cool the Earth and increases vacuum energy.

From a paper on

Cosmic rays, aerosol formation and cloud-condensation nuclei:
sensitivities to model uncertainties

E. J. Snow-Kropla1, J. R. Pierce1, D. M. Westervelt2, and W. Trivitayanurak2,*
1Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
*now at: Department of Highways, Bangkok, Thailand
Received: 12 January 2011 – Published in Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.: 24 January

The effect of the sun and other factors outside of the Earth system on the Earth’s climate remains a controversial aspect
of climate science. Much attention has been given to the potential link between cosmic rays and clouds that can affect
climate by changing the Earth’s average short-wave albedo (Carslaw et al., 2002). Svensmark and Friis-Christensen
(1997) reported the first correlation between global low-level cloud cover and cosmic ray flux. In Marsh and Svensmark
(2000a, b) the low cloud cover fraction was found to change from 30% during the solar minimum to 28% during the solar
maximum. The low clouds were estimated to have a net forcing of −16.7Wm−2, so the estimated forcing change
between solar maximum and minimum is about 1.2Wm−2 (Marsh and Svensmark, 2000a). This forcing change is similar
to the estimates of the magnitude of the cooling from anthropogenic aerosol indirect effects and warming from the
anthropogenic increase in CO2 (Forster et al., 2007). Thus, a connection between cosmic rays and clouds could have an important effect on the Earth’s energy balance.

Basically, until this entropic effect is accounted for completely, our climate models will suck.  This winter has been of the coldest most severe in awhile in the Northern Hemisphere and I believe it is because we have been pelted with lots of orbital quantum micro black holes in the past 6 months, opening up lots of sinkholes and energizing those jet streams and probably our magnetic fields.  If the Sun has a bad spell in the future and hits us with beacoup amounts of this dark matter stuff we will be in for a long COLD ride with harsh conditions for biology. Just ask our dinosaur friends.  CO2 does warm our atmosphere leading to increased moisture levels and temperatures.  Then, our entropic black hole buddies come along and condense everything back down to a baseline level.  The larger the difference, the bigger the thermodynamic upsets.

See, doesn’t that make more sense now?  No new science, just a quantum way of looking at the problem.  Once we open our eyes we will find out that OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS ALSO OUR SOLUTION.


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  1. There have been anecdotes of animals forewarning earthquakes.

    What do you speculate on biological detectors of darkmatter ? Living things or made in a lab. If you think its possible, how would they work ?

    • Darshan,

      I believe the animals are picking up the low frequency acoustic waves from the particles/filaments. Humans only pick up the really energetic ones (like before hurricane sandy, etc in the overhead jet streams)

      Other Biological Detectors:

      Sight (certain cloud contrails, double rainbows, ice halos)

      Sound (mostly low frequency acoustic, low frequency harmonic vibrations in the Earth & Sky)

      Touch (we feel the vibrations)

      Unfortunately, I believe that the reason pilots have a higher frequency of cancer is due to higher exposure to these energetic particles. I do not believe it is UV rays (the cabin protects from those) I believe it is “cosmic rays” which are many times these energetic entropic particles orbiting in the jet streams.

      Our bodies do a good job repairing damage, but in the end we all retire to it. The higher the flux, the more the damage. In a way, it is the entropic gravity flux on Earth that has a lot to do with the length of our lives. Biological Life thrives on order, entropy/vacuum opposes it.

      In a way, I believe that which created us is also killing us, which we already sensed, my research is just confirming it.

      Thank you for following


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