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The Path is Ours

March 28, 2013

Earth’s magnetic field lines (pink) tie in directly with the sun’s (yellow) at portals located in the sun-facing side of our planet’s magnetic bubble. The resulting connection sends solar wind particles straight into the upper atmosphere. Credit: NASA

Can you honestly look at this picture and believe the Earth is just a ball of rock and metal? You can see the strings. What we did not realize until now (at least until I told you) is that those strings are electromagnetic, thermodynamic, gravitational and low energy nuclear filaments of concentrated quantum dark/vacuum energy. They are an umbilical cord spiraling through our solar system and the universe like a large wired battery with nodal points at entropic gravitational bodies we call planets and suns, etc. Our significant weather patterns on Earth are just our interpretation of the effects of these local strings using the senses we have been given. That double rainbow with the dark center band is just a toroidal closed string of this dark/vacuum energy condensing water vapor, charging up the atmosphere and masquerading behind the beauty and colors we see as it bends light. That hurricane is just massive condensing and electromagnetic upsets formed by those particles’ entangled filaments winding through the jet streams and into and out of the Earth, we humans are just seeing the condensing along their path above the Earth and believe the upset is caused by the atmosphere. The solar wind is also just our interpretation of more of these strings.

Follow the strings, utilize their energy and they will lead you to the Galactic Emerald City. Just be careful as this path is paved with uncertainty and filled with grand illusions as we humans are now realizing, such as double rainbows, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, hissing fireballs, witches, monkeys and other energetic creatures.

Best we take that challenge and venture on that path sooner rather than later.  Little Voyager 1 is already giving us hints that these strings exist outside our solar system, possibly even more energetic than those within, which will be the on ramp to the entropic galactic expressway. Others are waiting for us to join them if we can prove our intelligence and make it out in time before Earth once again enters an ice age due to a large sudden increase in local vacuum energy and biodiversity dwindles. So far they are giving us slightly less than 50/50 odds as they watch from a distance at the destruction we are unleashing on Earth, an experiment that appears to have gone horribly wrong. Let’s mend our ways and prove them wrong.

Safe travels my friends.


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