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Time Warp

April 4, 2013

Positron Detector

I am travelling for a couple of days so I have not had much time to write.  Big announcement yesterday….

Tantalizing New Clues Into the Mysteries of Dark Matter

The dark side of the universe is whispering, but scientists are still not sure what it is saying……

They go on to talk about positron emissions detection, which is a signature of dark matter.  It is created from Beta Plus Decay, when a proton is ripped apart by dark matter.

After $2B of my tax money, honestly I feel a little “gypped”, but I hope more is coming.  Anyway, I hope you guys in those 130 countries appreciate my FREE blog full of two years of research and some very poor humor.

Did you know that black holes (as well as toroidal strings of this “dark” matter/energy) bend time and light around them.  That is one of the reasons if you study closely those intense toroidal double rainbows with the dark bands that show up during and after extreme  thermodynamic upsets in the atmosphere such as the Joplin, MO tornado and Hurricane Sandy, I believe there is some light bending and time bending along the string contained within those toroids, which is also pulling extreme vacuum on its surroundings and creating electromagnetic upsets at its surface and surroundings, which happens to be killing us.

Religion gives us stories, Physics gives us equations.  Dark energy gives us life and energy and art and beauty and is much, much, more. The big mystery of dark matter & energy is that there is no mystery, just nearsightedness by humans. We have given its effects names like gravity and hurricanes and double rainbows and magnetosphere and ionospheres and solar winds. It is actually the quantum field that surrounds and permeates us and varies in vacuum/entropic energy levels streaming towards Earth’s dark matter core.  We are but holograms on the surface of this quantum field.

Anyway, I have to hit the road but I want to leave you with a video to help you channel time warps and dark energy for the day.  Enjoy and stay away from the energetic stuff.


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  1. geomeo permalink

    Hey, great work! I teach a gifted in art class to middle school students and have shared your ideas with them. The point for a visual artist is the physical display or manifestation of images / patterns and designs, that are created by the FORCE! Love the bee dance!

    • Thanks, Both of my kids are in gifted class. I very much like the abstract thinking it encourages. I used to paint when I was a kid but dropped it due to”life” (bad excuse) . I have kept my artwork simple on this site just to portray a message, which has plenty of beauty in it.

      Thank you for following


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