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The Quantum Emperor has No Clothes

April 5, 2013

emperor-copyYou know, I have really shortchanged volcanoes on this blog.  I mentioned earlier that during the period from 1811 to 1817, after the New Madrid Earthquake, many massive volcanoes also erupted and the Earth spiraled into six or so years of global cooling. My unique vision of that climate mess was that strings of dark matter were orbiting between New Madrid and many of those volcanoes through the jet streams and through the Earth, creating the havoc we mortal humans attribute to Earthly and atmospheric events because what the hell else could they be?

volcano ball lightningDid you know that volcanoes have some interesting properties that mimic severe weather?  First off they can generate massive amounts of lightning, including ball lightning.  As I have read through the research all of that lightning is attributed to cold air and hot air rubbing together and charge separation.  So now we have another source of limitless energy, just rub air together and you get millions of volts of energy?…


Pinatubo Cyclonic Action

Did you know that the circulation within the spiraling plume of many volcanoes actually mimics a hurricane?

From NPR

In this picture, Chakraborty sees more evidence of a volcanic plume’s cyclonic action. If the plume weren’t spinning around a vertical axis — like a cyclone — its top would look like a circle. But what you see instead are waves, or “lobes,” around the edges, shown by the yellow arrows in the photo. Those waves are caused by the centrifugal forces of the vertical rotation, which create a wobbling effect.

Do you see the waterspout ?  I realize that heat rises but I have a hard time understanding what is pulling such a vacuum as to create massive waterspouts.  That heat column should create higher pressure in a gaseous environment and not pull extreme vacuum according to my understanding of thermodynamics.

Here is a good research article on these phenomena


Kilauea volcano vent July 17, 2008

volcano lightning_b

Iceland Volcano

No one appeared to have looked for evidence of rotation in large volcanic plumes before. By applying techniques of remote sensing to satellite images of the large plume that formed on Mount Pinatubo in the cataclysmic eruption of 1991, we showed that the Pinatubo plume did rotate about its vertical axis, just as we had predicted theoretically. We also adduced indirect evidence of rotation in satellite images of the volcanic plumes on Mounts Manam, Reventador, Okmok, and Ruang. This indirect evidence took the form of a lobate umbrella in plan view. Initially, an umbrella looks like a circular disk in plan view, as seen, for example, in a satellite photo. But as the umbrella is set rotating by the volcanic mesocyclone, the umbrella becomes destabilized by the centrifugal forces associated with the rotation. As a result, the umbrella loses axial symmetry and becomes lobate in plan view.

So I drew a couple of pictures to show you what the Emperor looks like with and without clothes.

Emporer has Clothes

Emporer has no Clothes

I feel embarrassed, how about you?


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