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The Hunt for Dark Energy Heats up and Cools Off (Entropically, I Mean)

April 5, 2013


I can’t see any Dark Energy out there dudes, just a String that looks like a waterspout, I mean a Waterspout that looks like a VacuString. Dudes, I better grab lunch and come back later, fish are hitting me in the head

Nothing but a VacuTornElectromagnoRainLightBowStorm Dudes, glad I am grounded with a Michio Kaku crop circle extension cord. Buy Scott’s photos:


Nothing But a ToroidalDoubleVacuElectroMagnoRainbow Dudes, wish it would go away so I can look for Dark Energy


Nothing But A VacuHurriSingularVorteConveyoralContrail Dudes, that sucks, no dark energy


If That VolcaLightnoVortexualElectraMagnoPlumeular Flashing would stop I might see something, Wait! I just got electroluminated and I am glowing and I CAN SEE SOMETHING, ITS ME! I AM ENTROPIFIED…

You guys have had enough, right?  You know now, right?  I will wait and see how long it takes, OK?


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  1. Enjoying your insights! I can’t ‘like’ your posts, you need to have word press and I don’t. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Sue,

      If you setup a free WordPress account won’t that allow you to like? I am not sure how it all works…

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