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Double Whammy

April 19, 2013

How does dust condense water vapor and make clouds? I would like to see the thermodynamics of that assumption.  If dust will condense water vapor why don’t we just use dust to condense water vapor in power plants on Earth and save all of the energy it takes to cool a surface condenser and pull a vacuum.

Let’s hope its not the hissing kind of dust:

Sound generated by a meteor in the upper atmosphere, such as a sonic boom, is typically delayed for many seconds after the meteor disappears. Occasionally, as with the Leonid meteor showerof 2001,”crackling”, “swishing”, or “hissing” sounds have been reported,[32] occurring at the same instant as a meteor flare. Similar sounds have also been reported during intense displays of Earth’s auroras.[33][34][35][36]

The hissing in my theory is the dark matter accelerating your way and pulling a vacuum on its surroundings.  Lots of vacuum energy = lots of bad weather, beta decay and uncertainty.

Avebury (1)

Avebury Crop Circle in Wiltshire on Aug. 1 2012. The Dragon’s Tail?


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  1. Tweet LaVerdiere permalink

    just saw an amazing “comet”? blazing through the night sky……………… with a super tail attached! looked like it was heading for the town of Winslow, Maine. Unreal and beautiful all at the same time. I
    Don’t usually see this in Maine in the month of April?

    • Anything with a tail is very suspect in my book. His landing strip will be a sinkhole if his 1-brane hangs around and orbits for awhile…

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