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Yes You Can

May 1, 2013

lossPieChartsI realize my theory is a “strange” way of looking at things. But if you really sit back and look at the human condition and the situation we are faced with on this “planet” you should understand that we live in a very “fluid” Earth environment. I now believe it is perturbations in our quantum field that trigger much of the uncertainty we face. I believe these perturbations are triggered primarily from upsets on the Sun that expel these more massive particles/strings into the surrounding solar system creating these ripples in our quantum field. I believe many times the Earth “orbits into” the more massive collapsed matter particles/strings throughout the year.  In other words the CME does not just have to be pointed at the Earth, either we run into it or it runs into us throughout the year. There is a certain “concentration” of this dark/vacuum energy in the inner solar system all of the time which makes up our quantum field.  Here are some statistics regarding “Natural” disasters.  It was just recently published that solar flares can also trigger cancer

Violent storms on the star’s surface and the resulting coronal mass ejections send radiation and solar material toward Earth. The energized particles exploding from such solar flares arrive in only eight minutes. Generally, the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field shield most people from potentially harmful solar and cosmic radiation, though astronauts or people on board an airplane risk exposure to intense radiation. Short-term damage could include skin irritation. Long-term consequences might include an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

I keep mentioning that double rainbow because a good theory should provide falsifiable predictions.  My theory, unlike conventional physics says that you CAN approach a double rainbow with a dark band.  It predicts you should get a temperature drop, low pressure/wind and possible electromagnetic and low energy nuclear disturbances. This is NOT the same rainbow phenomena created by just light shining through water droplets, which is also a way to make a rainbow, I am not claiming that is not real.  Below is some further evidence of this from witnesses from naked scientist:

“I registered just to say I am not surprised there is some scientific debate about this, and to provide my own testimony: I can agree with the eyewitnesses here that I was most certainly “at” the end of the rainbow, and did experience passing through multiple colors (very bright) while driving through it.  We were in farmland on a remote country road, and saw the brilliant rainbow from a far distance. In agreement with the other posters, there was a second rainbow some distance away, but it was only a piece of a rainbow, as if broken, but nonetheless an interesting sight.  As we were admiring it, we realized we might appear to pass under it since we were heading in that direction.  As we got closer, we realized that we might actually approach, what appeared to be, the end of the rainbow.  The end of the rainbow was quite large, roughly the size of the road itself, and was touching down directly on the road ahead of us, and having played with the rainbows a water hose is capable of making, I had thought such an objectified manifestation of a rainbow was impossible.  I thought it might flea away, as it appears to do in smaller manifestations.  But, indeed, it did not do this, and we were amazed when we began to pass through the foot of this rainbow.  We did slow down, but I was not driving, so I don’t know how fast, as there were cars behind us.  The interior of the car became very bright, and it did, in fact, change colors all around us.  I vividly remember my arm lighting up as though it were being shined upon by a sequence of colored lights.  The entire experience was so elating and momentary that it is very difficult to describe the experience in detail, but the only way to describe it, is that it was like a bubble of incredible luminosity that changed the surfaces around you different colors.

If I could speculate how this occurs, I would like to begin by saying that I thought that merely having my eyes approach the -end- of the rainbow were impossible.  As though I could only approach the center, like a hologram.  Indeed, I did approach the end of the rainbow, like in a leprechaun myth.  Secondly, I might remark that yes there was a light rain, and the conditions were very similar to the picture posted earlier in this thread (unknown whether it is legitimate or not, but it looked very much like that, although the rainbow itself was a bit more vivid and larger).  Lastly, I want to iterate the fact that it illuminated my skin with different colors.  It was enough colorization that my skin was another color completely.

How could this manifest?  Why didn’t it act like the optical illusion that I can produce with a mist?  I suspect that if we thought about the fact that a rainbow is indeed the result of different colors of light being reflected (refracted) off of the atmosphere, then we can correctly claim that there are ROYGBV colors being casted -somewhere-.  It must be that the rainbow we passed through was simply the location of the highest concentration of these colors.  I honestly don’t know how this could work, and that is what interests me greatly.

I can say with complete honesty and sincerity that it did occur just as I say.  I’m sure it would be of great interest to understand how this was able to occur.”

“I also had a weird rainbow experience. I was driving along and saw a very bright rainbow, smaller than usual, and as I approached it, it appeared to begin and end in this one field. I stopped my car and got out. As I got closer it became more of a ring shape, beginning and ending not far from my feet. I would have doubted my senses, but another driver stopped his car and got out too. We both stood there saying “Wow, this is amazing.””

“and my wife had a similar experience,
after visiting a prisoner, to explain the gospel to him, who some time later died of AIDS
we were driving  through two rainbows,
as if God was trying to say something to us///…”

“You know, I just love all the scientific explanations on here as to why something can not happen. But I’m sorry to contradict all the scientists. Yes it can. It happened to me, personally. I was kayaking on the Susquehanna River one summer afternoon, when off in the distance there was a thunderstorm. All of a sudden a beautiful rainbow appeared. So I decided to chase after it, thinking like everybody else that I couldn’t reach the end. When all of a sudden I was bathed in color. It was beautiful. I really couldn’t believe it myself. Here I was, doing something that I should not be able to do. I sat in the colors for maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Then the rainbow just faded away. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life. So don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. I just wish I would have looked for the pot of gold. LOL (By the way, I might not be a scientist, but I am very knowledgable about nature. All from first hand experience.)”

Do you guys see the wind in this video near the leg of that Rainbow?  That is the low pressure disturbance  created from the vacuum condensing of that 1-brane as it is condensing water vapor and gravitationally evaporating that is creating the wind.  Want to fly a kite, go find a double rainbow.

Don’t you see what science missed 2000 years ago and what that is doing to us? I know some of you do all around this globe because you keep coming back for more and I don’t think it is my poor humor doing that. Hurricane Sandy included multiple interlocking rainbows and ice halos in the sky. So what are WE going to do about our nearsightedness which allowed us to miss 95% OF THE ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE, which, in high concentrations will BE HUMANITIES DOWNFALL?  The anthropic principal is HIGHLY VARIABLE, even within our world.

Danger Will Robinson, DANGER


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