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Earthquake Precursors

April 29, 2013

IndexBannerHere is a link to a the late professor Ikeya’s site and information on his research on Earthquake precursors I thought you would find interesting.  My interpretation is that these closed dark matter/energy strings take up orbit for weeks and months through the jet streams and into the Earth and back out.  They create thermodynamic, electromagnetic and low energy nuclear disturbances along their path. They can condense one hell of a lot of water vapor during their time in the atmosphere, triggering our severe weather patterns.  I believe they weaken Earthen matter through beta decay and ionizing radiation, leading to possible Earthquakes if a fault ruptures through weakening.  I believe these are 1-branes and eventually evaporate through gravitational radiation and interactions with other strings.  It appears Earth’s magnetic fields may be  D-branes attached to her black P-Brane dark matter core.  Just my interpretation as I go along and try to fit my theory by applying/combining string theory and dark energy.

Legends of unusual behaviour of animals before earthquakes have been around for centuries in eathquake-prone regions of the world. In the modern world many people will say they believe animals sense something before earthquakes, they just don’t know what.Professor Motoji Ikeya believed he did know what they were reacting to and spent years testing his theories in his Osaka University laboratory where he was Professor of its Earth and Space Science Department from 1991 until his retirement 13 years later.Professor Ikeya believed that many earthquake legends and modern reports could be explained scientifically.”Atmospheric disturbances and a lot of the behaviour of animals, electronic objects and household appliances – even plants – before earthquakes are electromagnetic events that can be reproduced in a laboratory,” he said. He cautiously coined a new field of research: Electromagnetic seismology.Although Professor Ikeya’s views met with scientific scepticism at the time, results since from the DEMETER satellite and ground observations have confirmed that electromagnetic (EM) waves are statistically connected with large earthquakes, confirming much of the work that Professor Ikeya started.”

I have talked about many of these same precursors many times including here and here.  His research is more thorough than mine, my ADD tends to make my mind jump all over this universe if you haven’t figured that out… Looks to me like humans are not the only ones with branes, I mean brains…


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